• Mahesh Babu, balanced diet, health now and before where we are going wrong, Vegetables

    Health now and before, where we are going wrong 11 July 2013

    Maintaining good health now is seemingly harder than before. Something somewhere is amiss. During the times of our grandmother and grandfather, they ate differently. Foods were more natural and wholesome. These days, our generation is exposed to high sugary food....

    Keywords: six pack, healthy body, balanced diet, Mahesh Babu

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    Vitamin C can cut risk of cardiovascular diseases, Vitamin C can cut risk of cardiovascular diseases, consuming more fruits and vegetables can cut risk of heart disease, Vegetables

    Consuming more fruits and vegetables can cut risk of heart disease 10 July 2015

    The researchers from University of Copenhagen and Herlev and Gentofte Hospital in Denmark have found that high vitamin C concentrations in the blood from the intake of fruit and vegetables are associated with a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and...

    Keywords: Fruits and vegetables can reduce risk of heart disease, Consuming more fruits and vegetables can cut risk of heart disease, Fruits and vegetables can reduce risk of heart disease, Consuming more fruits and vegetables can cut risk of heart disease

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    kitchen gardening, gardening, grow your own kitchen garden, Vegetables

    Grow your own kitchen garden 13 December 2013

    With vegetable prices hitting the roof and quality hitting the ground, this is the right time to start your own kitchen garden. Never mind if you don't have a sprawling backyard or terrace, you can easily plant veggies, fruits and...

    Keywords: kitchen, vegetables, fruits, fruits

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    Recipe of Pulao, Vegetable Pulao Recipe, easy and tasty tawa pulao recipe, Vegetables

    Easy and Tasty Tawa Pulao Recipe 26 April 2017

    Tawa Pulao is one of the popular street foods of India. To make this rice is cooked and seasoned with pav bhaji masala powder and vegetables. It is an easy and simple pulao to make and tastes delicious. You can...

    Keywords: Rice Recipe, Rice Recipe, Easy and Tasty Tawa Pulao Recipe, Easy and Tasty Tawa Pulao Recipe

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    health tips, stay fit, what to eat to be healthy, Vegetables

    What to eat to be healthy? 07 March 2013

    Office work, household work and day to day work, all these are to be attended by us every day. If we are working so much, it is our basic responsibility to eat right, to keep our body fit and healthy....

    Keywords: eating nuts, stay fit, cholesterol levels, stay fit

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    India Business News, Inflation, inflation declines to 5 in january, Vegetables

    Inflation declines to 5% in January 14 February 2014

    Wholesale Inflation came down drastically to a seven month low of 5.05 percent in January compared to a rise of 6.16 per cent in December. Vegetables Inflation registered at 16.60 per cent, compared to 57.33 per cent in December however...

    Keywords: Reserve Bank of India, India Business News, Repo Rate, Inflation in January

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    vegetables, skin treatment, love your skin be beautiful, Vegetables

    Love your skin... be beautiful 05 February 2013

    We go for special treatments to enhance our beauty and take a extra effort to take care of our beauty. But are we taking the basic care required??? Here is that; You might be a working professional or a home...

    Keywords: vitamin A, skin care tips, moisturizing skin, vegetables

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    kitchen tips, kitchen tips, kitchen tips, Vegetables

    Kitchen Tips 06 April 2013

    Oftentimes, we find ourselves chopping ingredients which are sticky be it fish, garlic or anything similar and have that mucous like substance spewing from the vegetable. Once you are done cooking, your fingers are a mess, covered in a glue...

    Keywords: smell of the meat, grime, cleaning, vegetables

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    low fat food, healthy life, why you should live healthy, Vegetables

    Why you should live healthy? 15 April 2013

    If you are aware of a health problem, it is better to treat against the same for a active health. According to the recent research done by a famous American University, it is revealed with a active and healthy life...

    Keywords: healthy life, ensuring proteins, type-2 Diabetes, vitamins

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    Tollywood news, Rakul sells vegetables, rakul preeth singh sells vegetables, Vegetables

    Rakul Preeth Singh sells vegetables 06 February 2016

    Rakul Preeth Singh, the current leading lady of T-town, proved that, she can even be leading in her social service aspect. After the recent success of Nannaku Prematho, Rakul is on high. She already bagged the crazy projects like Sarainodu...

    Keywords: Rakul Preeth Singh, Memu Saitham, Tollywood news, Memu Saitham

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    colander, cooking pasta or rice, boiling vegetables, Vegetables

    Boiling vegetables 25 April 2013

    Cut your time and electricity/gas when you are cooking vegetables and rice/ pasta. You don't have to separately cook rice and then boil vegetables on diffeent stoves. A simple investment will save you a lot on time, gas and electricity....

    Keywords: electricity and gas, Boiling vegetables, cooking pasta or rice, boil vegetables

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    vitamins, happy life, what to eat, Vegetables

    What to eat??? 18 April 2013

    'What to eat?' this is the biggest question for us, everyday... who is not a foodie? It is just that the taste glands and mode of eating, the dishes cooked and the list of favorite dishes differs from you and...

    Keywords: vegetables, food items, vitamins, broccoli

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    good healthy  nutrient, cause of insomnia, good diet helps you sleep well, Vegetables

    Good diet helps you sleep well 03 August 2013

    There is a prevalent fact that stress is frequently seen as a culprit when you are not able to gain a good night’s sleep. Yet your diet also plays a dominant role in it. Get aware of your nutrient intake...

    Keywords: dark leafy vegetables, mental health problems, sesame seeds, eat well to sleep well

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    Junk free snacking, Saturday night TV programme, junk free snacking, Vegetables

    Junk free snacking! 09 May 2013

    Imagine a Saturday night TV programme or a movie marathon at home. Instead of munching on fries and chips all through the movie which will significantly bulk you up bad with lots of fat and unhealthiness there are greener and...

    Keywords: lots of fat, Saturday night movie, junk food, lots of fat

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    must have foods in summer, Summer hydrating foods, food items to hydrate your body in summer, Vegetables

    Food items to hydrate your body in summer 20 April 2015

    Staying hydrated is one of the most important things to be taken care of in summer season. Water is the best source of hydration, but there are lots of foods that will keep you hydrated in the summer months. Have...

    Keywords: must have foods in summer, high water content foods, hydrating fruits and vegetables, best hydrating foods in summer

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    tasty spinach kebabs, tasty spinach kebabs, preparation of spinach kebab, Vegetables

    Preparation of Spinach Kebab 18 August 2015

    Spinach is a healthy leafy vegetable and rich source of dietary fiber, Niacin and Zinc. It is low in cholesterol and often recognized as one of the functional foods for its wholesome nutritional, antioxidants and anti-cancer composition. Apart from consuming...

    Keywords: tasty spinach kebabs, tasty spinach kebabs, how to prepare spinach kebabs, healthy leafy vegetable curries

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    university of california, prostate cancer, prostate cancer can be dominated, Vegetables

    Prostate Cancer Can Be Dominated! 11 June 2013

    US research has brought into prominence on Monday that men who consumed higher healthy fats from vegetables, nuts as well olive oil succeeding to a diagnosis of prostate cancer experienced superior survival rates than peers whose diets were unchanged. The...

    Keywords: university of california, higher healthy fats, university of california, plasma antioxidants

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    fatique cramps, vegetables, for a happy period, Vegetables

    For a happy period... 06 December 2012

    Are you facing problems like bloating, fatigue, cramps, headache, digestive problems and mood swings before and during your menstrual cycle? Well, then the best way to get rid of all these is through a proper food intake during this time;...

    Keywords: protiens, potassium, mood swings, happy period

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    Vegetable food, Vegetable diet, men are more beneficial because of vegetables than women, Vegetables

    Men are More Beneficial Because of Vegetables than Women 29 May 2019

    Men are More Beneficial Because of Vegetables than Women:- A study said that consumption of vegetables and fruits are beneficial for men rather than women as they will prevent heart diseases along with type 2 diabetes and some kinds of cancer....

    Keywords: healthy food for men, healthy food for men, Vegetable food, food for men

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    fruits, food, 10 rich foods to increase oxygen in your blood, Vegetables

    10 Rich Foods to Increase Oxygen in Your Blood 27 September 2016

    Are you planning to start a diet to get more oxygen in your blood? Then you need to make sure that about 80 percent of your meals consist of alkaline foods, which help increase the oxygen levels in your blood.On...

    Keywords: vegetables, Tips, vegetables, Oxygen

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