What to eat???

April 18, 2013 16:24
What to eat???

'What to eat?' this is the biggest question for us, everyday... who is not a foodie? It is just that the taste glands and mode of eating, the dishes cooked and the list of favorite dishes differs from you and me.

You know, it seems there are around more than 200 varieties of food items, vegetables and eatables that can either be cooked or ate raw, available. And we end up choosing not more than 15 varieties among these, in our daily meals.

This way, continuing the same routine and almost every day, eating the same vegetable o dish, we will get bored of eating vey soon and our reduced appetite will also reduce our energy levels, causing ill health.

So, just not restricting yourself to certain variety of food, try eating something new... the next time you go to the market to buy vegetables try something like broccoli, that you have only hear off and never dared to cook and eat and the next time you go to eat out at the restaurant, try ordering something new instead of having a look at the complete menu and ordering the same old regular dish.

This way, you will not only try eating something new but your body also gets the needed proteins and vitamins, for you to live healthy and be happy.

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