Why you should live healthy?

April 15, 2013 15:23
Why you should live healthy?

If you are aware of a health problem, it is better to treat against the same for a active health. According to the recent research done by a famous American University, it is revealed with a active and healthy life style, even though diabetes is prevailing in the family history, one can get away from type - 2 diabetes...

It seems, in the total population, despite of creating the awareness on the importance of health and what to do to be healthy and active, minus any health problems it seems only 4 - 5 % of population is leading a complete healthy life.

Intake of fresh fruits, leafy vegetables, low fat food, ensuring proteins, vitamins and minerals on the food taking, always keeping BMI percentage in the body to be more than 25%, being active, not taking too much of stress, eating on time and getting a proper rest, all these put together can not only keep us away from any health problems to occur but will also minimize the intensity of the existing health problems and help us stay active and healthy, live long...

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