Grow your own kitchen garden

December 13, 2013 19:09
Grow your own kitchen garden

With vegetable prices hitting the roof and quality hitting the ground, this is the right time to start your own kitchen garden. Never mind if you don't have a sprawling backyard or terrace, you can easily plant veggies, fruits and herbs right on your windowsill and balcony. Here is how you can get started.

Choose your site

Settle for the sunniest spot in your house where your plants can soak in at least six hours of sunlight daily. You can also choose a spot that is nearest to your kitchen.

Pick your veggies

For starters, it is best to  go for fruits and vegetables that you like to eat and that are easy to grow and take care of and don't require much space. Think of options like lettuce, radish and other greens that warrant little care and grow fast. You can also plans herbs like thyme, rosemary and basil too.


Opt for right containers

While earthen pots is a definitive choice, you can also recycle and reuse plastic bottles, buckets or bathtubs to grow vegetables.

Plant carefully

Once you buy the seedlings from nurseries, take care to plant them carefully, without damaging the tender roots. You can also choose to grow seeds that you might have scooped out of gourds and beans.

Take care

Water your garden and try to prevent breeding of insects. Go for 'companion gardening', like, planting garlic between two tomato plants. That way you will have more variety in less space.

AW: Suchorita Dutta Choudhury

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