Health now and before, where we are going wrong

July 11, 2013 17:49
Health now and before, where we are going wrong

Maintaining good health now is seemingly harder than before. Something somewhere is amiss.

During the times of our grandmother and grandfather, they ate differently. Foods were more natural and wholesome. These days, our generation is exposed to high sugary food. For this reason, those from the 40s and 50s had better immunity and strength. More and more kids in recent times have been admitted in hospitals for lifestyle conditions due to the lack of adequate nutrition. This is not because of a lack of food, but the lack of eating the right kind of food.

A balanced diet contains lots of vegetables, slow release carbohydrates and natural dairy products. Grandma's recipes for a day contains rich amounts of vitamins and minerals in addition to small quantities of fats and carbohydrates. These foods are not only filling, but also nutritious. Now, the situation has woefully reversed. All of us eat fortified foods and take nutritional supplements on the side. Yet, the problems continue. In order to maintain health, one needs to take a hard look over what they are eating. You are, of course, what you eat.

Even Mahesh Babu is on a strict diet plan of meat, fish, vegetables, fruits and nuts, while he prepares himself for a six-pack body.

To gain good heath and strong immunity, go back to your grandparents' diet plan and there will be no wrongs.

(AW: Sruthi)

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