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Chhattisgarh goat awakens a hypothetical question

News: Goat arrested in Chhattisgarh

May I know who is actual animal here. (May be the question is hypothetical)

By Phani Ch


Fox loves Pawan Kalyan

News: Pawan Kalyan offers Rs. 50 lakhs discount to BVSN Prasad

Fox: I love you Pawan. No one believed me, as you did.   

By Phani Ch


Attharintiki Daredi dialogue suits Prasad’s situation

Producer BVSN Prasad’s situation, through ‘Attharintiki Daredi’ dialogue:
Simham padukundi kada ani jool tho jadey kudadura.

By Phani Ch


Animals fortunately do not have religion

News: VHP reconverted 7.5 Muslims, Christians

Animals: Luckily we are away from religions

By Phani Ch


Animals, applauding Ratan Tata’s big heart

News: Ratan Tata invests in

Other animals’ inner voice: Please turn us as pets too

By Phani Ch


Monkey’s logic in driving the bus

News: Monkey drives the bus in UP

While the driver is sleeping, though we tried to support the passengers, by driving the bus, people mistook and threw us away. This is why, we feel that, there is no wrong in hitting you people.

By Phani Ch


What if people cannot afford to go to the Zoo?

When people cannot afford to go to the Zoo. May be they can watch assembly meetings on TV.
By Phani Ch


Pawan Kalyan Hatao book author is a dog!

News: ‘Pawan Kalyan Hatao’ book released

Criticizing the popular, will make you even more popular, than the popular one, you criticized.
Dog never misses this logic, when lion is not in the forest.

By Phani Ch


Modi is ant, Jayalalitha is a snake

News: Chennai rains, Modi assure support to Jayalalitha

Do you know, how an ant behaves, when it is willing to sleep in a snake’s den?

By Phani Ch


What happens when rabbit dances on Lion

News: YSRCP gets least votes in Warangal by-polls  

What happens when the rabbit dare to dance on Lion, while it is sleeping? The result is not new to the world.

By Phani Ch


Animals feeling after Anuradha’s murder

News: Mayor Anuradha murdered

Animals: This is why we say that, we are fortunate to take birth as animals

By Phani Ch


Can the dogs bark, in front of Lion?

News: Telakapalli Ravi says that there is no use of Pawan Kalyan

Punch: Have you ever heard of dogs barking, when Lion is sleeping

By Phani Ch