Just a House Wife or a 'Home Maker'?

April 30, 2012 17:34
Just a House Wife or a 'Home Maker'?

'What is the difference? Both are one and the same? However these days, people prefer to address them as Home Makers'..

Any one of us would be thinking the same, if you are asked to describe the difference between a House Wife and Home Maker..

Do you remember reading between the lines? All the words that appear to be similar have their own meanings hidden… so as 'Home Maker'. This article that speaks about the advantages of being a Home Maker, is completely dedicated to all those Home Makers, who have succeeded in holding up the family values and raising their kids as bright as Chess Champion KoneruHampi or Badminton ChampoinSainaNehwal;

For all those who think being a home maker is more 'cool' as you need not worry about your career or earning, the answer is 'No'. Just like each individual irrespective of his/her financial status have 100 other issues, similarly, be a Home Maker or a Working Mother/Woman, we all have our own challenges to face each day. It is just that for Workign Woman they have to devote some extra time to their career and job and this refers to they have some extra time to think about themselves, but for Home makers they are full time available to family only. What they think, what they do, how they take care of the rest of the family members, cook various dishes as per the wish of the rest of the family members, right from getting up from bed in the early morning to going back to bed somewhere around late night, home makers are expected to work and think about their family members, spouse and kids. Despite of all these, if something goes wrong in managing the house or forgetting to do something, if the kids make a mistake or spouse’s attitude is changed, including the rest of the family members and 'Bin BulaayaMehmaan' our society would not leave any single opportunity to blame this Home maker, by saying ‘what you will do all the day without even keeping an eye on your kid/spouse? You neither have a job nor any other task to think about, so why did you forget to complete this work? and what not.

The sad part is, even in today's world when we are talking and following the so called broad thinking, the role and the meaning of a 'Home Maker' is just limited to kitchen and taking care of family.

Time to think, time to take a pledge on this House Wives day; you would live for yourself as well. After all, it is your life dude.. so what if you are a home maker? Even you have a right to give the basic grooming that you require, you need to get some rest, you can always take some time and pursue your passion be it glass painting or writing or sari designing or any other and you can definitely make a smart income out of it that is completely your decision to either spend it to your family or to yourself. And these days, where you can find n number of work from home options that includes taking online classes to some process associate jobs, you can take up one. It is always a good option to be independent, because before expecting others to take care of you, you take care of yourself. And do not let any other family member to interfere and point out your negatives, the next time they do, just tell them 'even I am a human being and don't be surprised if I make any mistake'

And yes, be a Home Maker or a Working Woman, managing a family refers to making certain set of people of different mid set to live in a same pace, concentrate on this and of course on yourself.

SunayanaVinay Kumar

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