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  • Working women, Home Maker, just a house wife or a home maker, Cooking tips

    Just a House Wife or a 'Home Maker'? 30 April 2012

    'What is the difference? Both are one and the same? However these days, people prefer to address them as Home Makers'.. Any one of us would be thinking the same, if you are asked to describe the difference between a...

    Keywords: Home Maker, Working women, Jobs for house wifes, family members.

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    tiresome day at work, housewifes, after a long day at work, Cooking tips

    After a long day at work 09 January 2013

    Ohh!!! Really long and tiresome day at work... but, finally managed to give the output at workplace and got home... don't you think you need to relax for a while after all these hours at work? Rather than going for...

    Keywords: cooking tips, workplace, workplace, mood swings

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    cooking tips, latest food tips, 5 food presentation tips, Cooking tips

    5 food presentation tips 02 May 2016

    Not just cooking the tasty food, but even its presenting style is what that matters in the current generation. So, let us explore few food presentation tips. 1.  Never overcook food and ensure its natural color is undamaged. Make sure...

    Keywords: cooking tips, latest food tips, latest food tips, latest food tips

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    women wishesh, Telugu headlines, how to plan your day, Cooking tips

    How to plan your day 26 September 2011

    When was the last time you have given others a lecture on ‘How to plan your day’? If I am not wrong, this might have been very recent. But, did you question yourself, ‘when I end up making a mess...

    Keywords: Andhra, Andhra, Andhra, Sakshi news paper online

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    Food And Cooking Tips, Tips To Cook Seafood, the best tips and tricks to have a perfect seafood, Cooking tips

    The Best Tips And Tricks To Have A Perfect Seafood 10 October 2017

    The Best Tips And Tricks To Have A Perfect Seafood:- Are you uncertain of how to cook delicious fish at home? You will be surprised to know how simple it can be. When it comes to cooking your perfect fish...

    Keywords: Tips To Cook Seafood, Tips And Tricks To Have A Perfect Seafood, Seafood, Food And Cooking Tips

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    healthy recipes, healthy recipes, is plastic safe for wrapping and storing food, Cooking tips

    Is Plastic Safe For Wrapping and Storing Food? 22 February 2012

    Your mom may have avoided the whole controversy about plastic, because in her day aluminum foil was king. Back then the biggest name in plastic was Tupperware, which was only available through home parties. Now the choices seem to center...

    Keywords: tips for house wife, Cooking tips, good Recipes health, good Recipes health

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    gluey foods, smell of the meat, kitchen tips, Cooking tips

    Kitchen Tips 06 April 2013

    Oftentimes, we find ourselves chopping ingredients which are sticky be it fish, garlic or anything similar and have that mucous like substance spewing from the vegetable. Once you are done cooking, your fingers are a mess, covered in a glue...

    Keywords: food preparation, food preparation, vegetables, vegetables

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    how to store in fresh containers, amazing tips for kitchen, 10 amazing kitchen tips and tricks, Cooking tips

    10 amazing kitchen tips and tricks 22 April 2015

    Cooking is easy to some people but for some it will be a tricky task. Following some simple tips of cooking will make it easier. Here are some tips that could be useful for the modern women to save time....

    Keywords: how to clean stovetops and sinks, how to detect fresh eggs, how to detect fresh eggs, amazing tips for kitchen

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    Grilled Eggplant Panini, new breakfast recipes, grilled eggplant panini tiffin you can t stop thinking about, Cooking tips

    Grilled Eggplant Panini- Tiffin, you can't stop thinking about 10 October 2015

    Fed up of the regular Idli, Dosa? Wanna try something different to make your morning  meaningful? Here is the recipe for 'Grilled Eggplant Panini', the breakfast, which travels in your mind all the day, if you have it in the...

    Keywords: Grilled Eggplant Panini recipe, Grilled Eggplant Panini, Grilled Eggplant Panini, Indian breakfast recipe

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    how to prepare picnic eggs, picnic eggs preparation, picnic eggs quick recipe, Cooking tips

    Picnic Eggs quick recipe 26 September 2015

    Sounding good right? So why to wait, let us know, how to prepare it. Ingredients 250 g (pre-cooked) ham slices, which are thoroughly chopped30 g grated cheese10 boiled eggs, which are peeled and cut lengthwise exactly into half2 raw eggs,...

    Keywords: picnic eggs preparation, Picnic eggs, picnic eggs preparation, Picnic eggs

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    cooking tips, mother hood, women in your life, Cooking tips

    Women in your life 02 March 2013

    Even before we women started working some years ago and today have reached a point where it is proved Women are much better when compared to men, at work, managing multi-tasking and being successful in whatever we do. But, even...

    Keywords: multitasking lifestyle, mother and women, colleague, teacher

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