Office? Boring yaar!

September 27, 2011 12:42
Office? Boring yaar!

WomenatOfficeHome makers, students, all those middle aged and elder Woman, feeling bored? Okay, to certain extent understandable.

You, being a working woman, managing your home and kids and family simultaneously, getting bored at work? Well, even this is agreeable!

Kyunki, there is no hard and fast rule despite of you are working in such a filed and in such a kind of a job that completely suits your interest and your passion, but still getting bored at work and thinking ways to either quit the job and to quickly search for another. Please go ahead and lageraho in the job search. But, before that, have you ever thought ‘why I am getting pissed off and bored at work? Is this not what I want to do? Is this not a domain where I should explore? It is the person or an organization or my job profile itself that is making me feel bores?

Once you answer these questions to yourself and come to a conclusion to stick on where you are for a while, then try out the following;

1. The newly found definition of ‘Boss’ is ‘Khadoos’. Arre, every boss aisa hi hotahai. He/she will force you to come on weekends, do all  those ‘extra’ work, all the time, nag reminding your ‘saas’, desperate to find your mistakes, always looking forward to overload you with Work. But, why don’t you take this as an opportunity to learn and add all the work you have done as an experience? This will help you to widen your job search and career growth as well. And never try to impress your boss. Just do your work, and move on Lady.
2. Every day, before stepping in your office, recollect one rule. ‘You are not here to make friends. So, no chit chats and sharing any thought or incident of your’s. You should always remain an unanswered question. When it comes to work an employee, on whom the entire organization would look upto.

3. Take a break yaar. I understand, you wish to get back home as soon as your work is done. But, you are a Human being re. Taking a coffee break atleast twice during the work time, for 15 minutes and a lunch break for half an hour, would also manage your break timings and makes you feel, rejuvenated. 
4. Kyayehtumhaarasasuraalhaiyamaika? Never get attached to any one or your work place. You are enjoying your work, getting paid for it and learning every now and then. If not this office, then it is some other. You are not going to retire here.

5. When was the last time, you have changed your photo that you keep on your desk? If you are engaged or married, tend to keep your pic along with your partner. You can also put your kid’ska pic. As and when you feel, ‘this is it. I am stressed’, just look at your loved ones ka pic. I am sure; you will come back to your senses and feel who and what are important to you.
6. In a survey done on the attrition rate of employees, 88% of Employees leave the organization because of their manager and others, not able to tolerate the gossips that arised on them. If you are one among the second lot, as the first case I have already talked about, then rewind and pause, am you no way responsible for the gossips to airse? Your behavior, your body language, your ‘friendly’ attitude with opposite sex, everything will be observed and the rumors tend to spell in, so better watch out you behavior. Leaving the company is not a solution, changing you and hereafter being true to you, being in your limits, will for sure reduce and then erase the rumors.

Keeping all these in mind, get started for a power packed days ahead at your work place!

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