Life of a single Woman?

October 27, 2011 09:56
Life of a single Woman?

GirlsAtHomePlease, do not think that I would again start off with the ‘gyan’ like any other about the measures and safety tips that single Woman should follow. In this context, I am talking about those entire women who are living with their family or with the relatives or friends, but are still single. I mean single in terms of relationships.

I understand, these days being single and not dating anyone is considered to be a disqualification. But, do hell with what World thinks. We are single because we did not found our ‘Mr. Right’ yet and this is a matured sign of waiting for a right person to come into our life rather than messing up with our life with a ‘jerk’.

So, does this mean, life of a single Woman is boring? Not much to do? Routine? ‘Behenji’ types?

Definitely not re. In fact, I think all these questions were raised by all those who are in a forced relationship, want to get out of it, but can’t and finally, jealous with those entire single woman.

Just think, being single is many times a bliss. You can enjoy your life to the fullest without any second thought, go shopping, you are not answerable to anyone (apart from your parents and family of course) on what you are doing, with whom you are going out, with whom you are on FB and chatting on phone, what you are wearing and what you are eating. So, there would not be any third person who would be behind you inspecting and nagging. You can chill, have fun, use your phone whenever you want, talk to who so ever friend you want, always be in a gang and can enjoy the life to the fullest. No discussions, difference in opinions, fights, arguments, possessiveness, but full of peace.

Yes, in this process if you find you’re that ‘Mr. Right’, then you can ‘aaraam se’ take the decision and welcome a new phase in your life. Take your time and no hurry to end your ‘being single’ tag. It is your life at the end of the day.

So, that entire single woman, stop thinking about finding you’re ‘Mr. Right’, let him come your way and doesn’t even waste a ‘single’ minute to enjoy your ‘single’ life now!

SunayanaVinay Kumar

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