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  • women hood, motherhood, happiness during those nine months, Tips for women

    Happiness during those nine months 16 February 2013

    Motherhood, definitely completes Woman hood... those nine months, people say to be mothers need to be pampered like a child. But most of Women tend to ignore these important aspects of motherhood… let’s learn them and follow them; Many have...

    Keywords: leggings, motherhood, motherhood, leggings

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    Skin care on Face, Skin care on Face, treat the tan on your hands and feet, Tips for women

    Treat the Tan on Your hands and feet! 28 March 2012

    Skin care on face, we would definitely take care about the same… but what about the tan on your hands and feet? We women need to be beautiful from tip to toe… here are some quick yet easy to follow...

    Keywords: tips for hands and feet, tanned skin, Exfoliating cream, tips for hands and feet

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    tips for women, women hood, women in your life, Tips for women

    Women in your life 02 March 2013

    Even before we women started working some years ago and today have reached a point where it is proved Women are much better when compared to men, at work, managing multi-tasking and being successful in whatever we do. But, even...

    Keywords: neighbor, tips for women, multitasking lifestyle, multitasking lifestyle

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    women periods and diseases, women menopause, 12 symptoms that should not be ignored as per your gynaecologist, Tips for women

    12 Symptoms that Should not be Ignored as per Your Gynaecologist 30 July 2020

    12 Symptoms that Should not be Ignored as per Your Gynaecologist:- Ever year, 21,000 women in the United Kingdom are diagnosed with gynaecological cancer. Though they are well aware of the symptoms, most of them ignore which could not save...

    Keywords: Gynaecologist related health issues, Gynaecologist related issues, Gynaecologist visit news, Gynaecologist visit news

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    Tips For Women On Buying Diamonds, How To Choose Diamonds, tips for women on buying diamonds know your personalities, Tips for women

    Tips For Women On Buying Diamonds, Know Your Personalities 19 July 2017

    Tips For Women On Buying Diamonds, Know Your Personalities:- If it is the season of festivals and weddings, jewelry shopping is a favorite option for most of the women. While gold remains a favorite investment-cum-consumption option, in recent years, many...

    Keywords: Investing In Diamonds, Investing In Diamonds, Personalities Of The Diamond Wearer, Diamonds

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    activities that must be skipped, simple tips for women, habits every girl should have, Tips for women

    Habits every girl should have 13 April 2015

    Most of us make it a point to eat healthy and exercise as often as possible. But there will be some aspects where we may neglect some things. Here we are some good things we suggest you to follow for...

    Keywords: tips for women, must followed things by woman, habits that must be followed, simple tips for women

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    how to get ready quickly, how to get ready quickly, simple beauty tips for working women, Tips for women

    Simple beauty tips for working women 11 April 2015

    If you are working women, then it is essential to look presentable. Despite of making you look beautiful, it also makes you feel great and confident. But due to hectic schedule many women don’t have time to get ready. As...

    Keywords: quick ready tips, how to get ready quickly, how to get ready quickly, quick ready tips

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    body care tips, tips for hair, look your best this dussera, Tips for women

    Look your best this Dussera... 23 October 2012

    Its all about looking your best especially this Dussera, in order to re create the magic on your loved ones with your looks and to build up your happiness as such; Just remember that multi-purpose products are your essentials.  Hair...

    Keywords: beauty tips, tips for hair, skin care tips, nail polish

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    motherhood, women housewife, women s role in multitasking, Tips for women

    women's role in multitasking... 03 December 2012

    'Multitasking and women go hand in hand... women are best at multitasking'... these are known and heard by us... but, are really women best at multitasking? Can we women multitask? Really? The concept of multitasking and women being connected with...

    Keywords: love, multitasking women, women multitasking, multitasking women

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    Eye Brow shape, Eye Brow shape, best mascara for your best eye lashes, Tips for women

    Best Mascara for your best Eye lashes! 10 April 2012

    When selecting mascara, many factors come into play, with each brands newest addition to the line claiming bigger and better benefits. From thickening to lengthening to blackest black, waterproof and curling, each mascara product has a special offering of its...

    Keywords: Eye Brow shape, eye lashes and mascara tips for women, Eye Lashes, Eye Lashes

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    5 things that women do not want to hear on a first date, 5 dumb things to avoid on first date, 5 things that women do not want to hear on a first date, Tips for women

    5 things that women do not want to hear on a first date 17 June 2015

    Are you going on your first date? Then here are few must know things for men to have a wonderfully romantic and exciting date evening. Remember these 5 top things that a lady doesn’t want to hear on her first...

    Keywords: 5 things that women do not want to hear on a first date, 5 dumb things to avoid on first date, best dating tips for women, Things Women Never Want to Hear on a First Date

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    Man Women Relationship, relationship, is it so hard to sense common, Tips for women

    Is it so hard to Sense Common? 02 May 2012

    Wow! Good yaar. Looks like round the clock, 365 days, every day there would be important for some or the other. After celebrating 'House Wives day’ yesterday, it seems today is 'Use Your Commonsense' day. I was almost shocked to...

    Keywords: tips for women, tips for women, relationship, tips for women

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    office work, womens mind set, good news for woman, Tips for women

    Good news for Woman 07 March 2013

    This is good news for all us on the eve of Woman's day tomorrow. This is a result on a survey done by a popular website on working woman's mind set... it is good to know that 96 percent of...

    Keywords: office work, womens mind set, daughter wife, daughter wife

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    choose lip color, skin tone, perfect lip color for a perfect skin tone, Tips for women

    Perfect lip color for a perfect skin tone! 15 November 2012

    Choosing the right lip color isn't as simple as it might seem. We've all seen someone wearing the wrong shade of lipstick and, chances are, at some point or another we were that person. The two most important factors to...

    Keywords: dark colors lips, dark colors lips, perfect lip color, tips for women

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    tips for women., marriage tips, tune in to your man s needs, Tips for women

    Tune in to your man's needs 10 August 2013

    Arranged marriages are not extinct yet. Contrarily, they are very much an integral part of the Indian way of finding partners. In such a scenario, most couples feel shy to express themselves initially. To make it easier for the women,...

    Keywords: Men Women interactions, tips for women., marriage tips, marriage tips

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    ability to think, ability to think, woman and mood swings, Tips for women

    Woman and Mood Swings... 17 August 2012

    If your family, friends and co-workers have been driving you nuts lately, and you feel as if you're losing your mind, you may suffer from mood swings. Mood swings have the uncanny ability to make you feel totally out of control and hypersensitive to...

    Keywords: depression, fatigue and insomnia, reproductive, tips for women

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    Super Women, Kids Management, are you a human being or a super woman, Tips for women

    Are YOU a Human being or a SUPER WOMAN? 25 April 2012

    Are you considering yourself to be a Super Woman managing the household work, family, kids, and work place responsibilities? Despite of all these you are expected to be more responsible and multi-tasking both at home and even at work place?...

    Keywords: Tips for women, Tips for household work, Super Women, womens at work place

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    parents, women housewife, are you being right with your kid, Tips for women

    Are you being right with your kid? 23 January 2013

    The joy of parenting is also most important to the humankind... we strive to enhance the love and relationship with our partner. But what about our kids who are form of the love and affection of You and Your partner???...

    Keywords: joy of parenting, love, kids care, tips for parents

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    save money, save money, the idea of compromising, Tips for women

    The idea of compromising 21 June 2013

    Working and earning is something that is purely your call. Neither, I am expecting you to kill all your desires and adjust for the sake of saving money. I just want you to know, what you actually want. It is...

    Keywords: tips for home management, tips for women, family, tips for home management

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    Things Women Do That Drive Men Away, Relationship Tips, the five things women do that drive men away, Tips for women

    The Five Things Women Do That Drive Men Away 28 October 2017

    The Five Things Women Do That Drive Men Away:- We have earlier discussed about the five things men do that drive women away. Now, we shall discuss about the five things women do that drive men away. When it comes...

    Keywords: Things Women Do That Drive Men Away, Relationship Tips, Marriage And Relationships, Marriage And Relationships

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