Single, working and married women life style

April 06, 2013 12:05
Single, working and married women life style

Again a good news for us... another reason to be proud... this is a question mark in return to all those who point out at women going out and working and say, women are born to just take care of house and family.

As if taking care of family is easy... however, the recent survey done on women's capability in completing the work at office and handling household work at the same time taking some hours for us completely, in the same given 24 hours.

We women are not less than any super talented personality handling 12 different type of jobs in a day like managing office and household work, shopping, watching movies and even taking time out for friends...

When compared to married women, single women are performing well at work, because of the pressure and hurdles married women still have and these are not at the same extent for single women.

But, when it comes to expressing our true selves, we women are still back words in this. it is only 3 percent of working women who are the way they are even at work place and continue to be themselves irrespective of the atmosphere.

So, apart from taking tantrums from everyone and suppressing ourselves, we women should let our heart speak and be the way we are...

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