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    Waxing Bikini Area 17 March 2011

    Summer is fast approaching and with that comes the need for waxing. The bikini area is one of the most challenging areas of the body to wax, but it is also one of the most important to take care of....

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    65 Years of Indian Cinema, ‘Glory or Disaster’? 15 August 2011

    Well, this is a very big statement. But, when I think about the growth of Indian Cinema, all these years, many multiple thoughts come into my mind. Though it has been more than 75 years, of the Origination of Indian...

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    Let’s talk about Psoriasis! 29 October 2011

    As soon as I got up and was browsing through the paper today, I found this article on Psoriasis disease that talked about the types and symptoms of Psoriasis and stated that it is a chronic disease. No doubt Psoriasis...

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    Lose weight, Queen Size! 21 October 2011

    Who does not want to appear slim? It is not just appearing but we want to attain that slim figure, and also be healthy. But, losing weight and yet being healthy is definitely a tough task. You need to cut...

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    Healthy hair represents healthy ‘You’ 26 September 2011

    Do you know, more recent the trend of long silky hair is ‘in’ again? It is not that just because considering fashion or trend you need to grow your hair, but it is a proven fact that Healthy hair represents...

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    Lighten up your mood, to the occasion! 27 October 2011

    Finally, ‘Diwali’ ka din tohaahigayaaaurgayaabhi. But, the festive mood and atmosphere at home are still ‘on’! Relatives, friends, crackers, lots of household work, Puja, special dishes, more busy schedule, all these and lot many more things put together, would complete...

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    Clothes for College! 24 October 2011

    This is a never ending saga I suppose, the main reason being, what is best to you might not be the same to others. And what to or what not to wear for a college majorly caters to what kind...

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    Well Managed Hair, an asset 21 September 2011

    Modeling, films, T.V, Human Resource Officer, Admin Officer, Software Engineer, Air Hostess, Counselor, Public Relations officer or working in any Domain associated with Media… today, apart from Communication Skills, Smart Working ability, win – win attitude, the companies are also...

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    This Festive Season, look ravishing! 27 October 2011

    And there is no second thought about it. any festival is a reason for us to shop within whatever budget we are allotted, get all the matching ear rings, bangles, and even foot wear to our dress that we have...

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    Re – invent your love! 22 September 2011

    Most of our Woman would stop at one question, ‘why marriage becomes routine after couple of years?’ Simple, everything is so routine b’cos you we are used to it. So as with our marriage and partner. Shurumeintoh, everything seems to...

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    Love to ‘straighten your hair’? 14 October 2011

    I still remember, the straighten hair ka look that started wooing the woman. Surprisingly, till date, despite of many other hair styles coming up in the fashion industry, the straight hair is still preferred by most of the woman. The...

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    Ethnic is ‘in’! 17 October 2011

    I remember about 5 years ago, people were so living with fashion that they used to aspire apart from them staying tuned to fashion, even other people surrounded to follow the same. If not, then bichaare those were called as...

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    Office? Boring yaar! 27 September 2011

    Home makers, students, all those middle aged and elder Woman, feeling bored? Okay, to certain extent understandable. You, being a working woman, managing your home and kids and family simultaneously, getting bored at work? Well, even this is agreeable! Kyunki,...

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    Stay young and Beautiful 19 November 2011

    I feel your life style is related to You’re look and vice versa, when I relate many situations. Just like You’re confidence is related to your beauty, strong mind set is related to the success you achieve in your life,...

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    For Perfect hands & nails! 28 September 2011

    Each day, before as soon as we get up, the last thing before going to bed, you and me will be only getting worried how to make our face look better, if it is better how to look the best....

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    Facial Mud Masques 24 March 2011

    Whatever type your skin may be - oily, dry or a combination, sometimes normal cleansing does not suffice. Though beauty is only skin deep, that is where it has to begin. Cleansing, toning and moisturizing the face is the most...

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