Factors that increase the risk of Breast Cancer

July 26, 2021 18:54
Factors that increase the risk of Breast Cancer

Factors that increase the risk of Breast Cancer:- All the common chemicals that are used in the consumer products, food additives, pesticides and drinking water contaminants will leave the tissues in the breast to produce more hormones estrogen and this increases the risk of breast cancer. The findings are published in journal 'Environmental Health Perspectives'. The study also said that the people are exposed to synthetic chemicals on a regular basis through the products. The health effects because of these products are unknown. Ruthann Rudel, a toxicologist and research director at Silent Spring Institute said that the connection between Progesterone and estrogen is well established and is related to breast cancer. He added that the people should be extra cautious about the chemicals in the products and these also will increase the levels of hormones in the body.

After the women are warned about the combination hormone replacement therapy, the risk of breast cancer came down. But the cases saw a huge rise in the recent years. Aromatase Inhibitors is one of the most common therapies to treat breast cancer. Rudel and Silent Spring scientist Bethsaida Cardona collected the data of 2000 chemicals that are generated by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)'s ToxCast program. It uses automated chemical screening technologies to expose the live cells for the chemicals. They are examined in various biological changes and their causes are traced. The study told that the chemicals are acting as armatase activators and they will lead to a higher level of estrogen. The research was mostly based on the chemicals that hampered the breast cells and there are reports that they are the reason for the rise in the breast cancer cases.

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