Problem free hair, now yours!

October 18, 2011 16:14
Problem free hair, now yours!

HairStyleAWHair, with lots and lots of volume ads expression to you.Though there are lots of fashionable hair styles coming in picture day in and day out, long hair, and that too with lots of volume and the hair being healthy is much preferred. Now, this is what the problem is. Due to this pollution, odd food and health habits, improper sleep, 24/7 tension, and continue thinking, all these and many more UN said things put together, damage your hair to the core. As a result that life less hair would be yours. You trim, dry, use all those costly hair care products, do change the products from time to time, cover your hair from tip to toe with that stole each time you go out, use different kinds of hair growth oils and what not. But, in some cases, all these or some of these measures might not work positive for you. Instead of repairing your hair, why don’t you try giving life to your hair?

If you want to wake up, give life to your hair. Here are some tips to get that healthy hair for you;
After washing, hair - dry with an absorbent towel and apply 4 to 6 drops of silicone-based shine serum (the thicker your hair, the more you can use). Detangle hair with fingers, and allow it to air dry. This would help getting rid of that dry and problematic hair that would turn to shiny and silky hair.

Now, tip for that wavy hair of yours. Rinse your hair first. Smooth and separate wet strands with wide-tooth comb, then sprinkle that spray that is used for wavy hair to get silk and natural straight look.

Well, you are blessed to have a straight hair that is inherent. Now, the question is how you maintain the same. Your hair tends to lie flat against your scalp, where it can accumulate shine-dulling grease. To avoid this, use a deep-cleaning shampoo daily and apply a clarifying gel treatment to roots once a week to prevent oil buildup.

To cut off the problem of spilt ends, first and foremost, you will need to have the split ends cut off. It is best to go to the hair dresser but you may do it yourself. Just take some small sections of hair strands, twist them, very carefully run some scissors up and down the hair shaft cutting off any stray ends that poke out.

As of now, try following these tips. We would try getting more of these every now and then!

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