Simple tips for smudge free make-up

August 12, 2015 15:50
Simple tips for smudge free make-up

Every woman wants to look beautiful. Here are some beauty tips that will help you make your makeup stay put all day long. Follow them and have fresh face all the day.


Moisturizing your skin before makeup is one of the best way to make the make-up stick to its place. But try to choose oil free moisturizer and if you have oily skin prefer powder foundation which works great for oily skin.


Bright eyes will make you look more beautiful, so, apply eyeliner to make them attractive. Before applying eyeliner to your bottom lashes, dust a brush over some baby powder and apply it on the lower lash line which will soak the extra moisture from the area, making it easier for the eyeliner to stay in place for longer.


Rosy lips are the most attracting ones on your face. Apply foundation to your lips to make your lipstick last longer. Then line and fill the lip with neutral lip pencil. Apply one coat of lipstick and then blot, and finish with a light layer lip gloss. But prefer to choose lipstick colours according to the occasion and apparel you wear.


Use powdered blush-on in natural earthy shades or apply the blush on in a dotted format on your cheeks and rub it gently with your ring finger. They are also known as flushed cheeks. For blush-on, you can use colours like ruby, strawberry, orchid lilac colours.

Mattifying Product:

Powder mattifies on its own, but if you get a mattifying powder, you double your odds at smudge-proof makeup. Sweep the powder over your face to set your foundation, leaving skin looking flawless.

By Lizitha

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