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  • disaster hair, women's hair style in 2012, hair styles that suit this season and you, Tips for hair styles

    Hair styles that suit this season and ‘YOU’! 10 April 2012

    Summer apart from being a hindrance to our skin, tone and the sultry weather could create damage to even our hair if not treated on time, summer as such is a disaster for our hair style… all those layered haircuts...

    Keywords: Trendy hair styles, women's hair style in 2012, disaster hair, Summer hair styles

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    relaxation, improving hair growth, grow your hair and flaunt your hair, Tips for hair styles

    Grow your hair and flaunt your hair! 13 March 2012

    Just gear up to grow your hair as much as you can, because it is a known fact that hair growth is more in Summer Season… apart from all the minimal care we take to protect our hair, here are...

    Keywords: Long Hair, relaxation, improving hair growth, Long Hair

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    tips for women, tips for hair styles, problem free hair now yours, Tips for hair styles

    Problem free hair, now yours! 18 October 2011

    Hair, with lots and lots of volume ads expression to you.Though there are lots of fashionable hair styles coming in picture day in and day out, long hair, and that too with lots of volume and the hair being healthy...

    Keywords: hair style tips, beauty tips, long hair, Hair styles

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