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  • long hair, smooth hair, problem free hair now yours, Hair style tips

    Problem free hair, now yours! 18 October 2011

    Hair, with lots and lots of volume ads expression to you.Though there are lots of fashionable hair styles coming in picture day in and day out, long hair, and that too with lots of volume and the hair being healthy...

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    Fast Hair growing, women with long hair, zamana of long hair, Hair style tips

    Zamana of long hair 02 May 2012

    In this fast phased era today, we need the result for any attempt made, very fast. We would not at all be interested in a complete process of achieving the result. This is not only boring but lot of time...

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    lipsticks, women fashion tips, past hurdle to future, Hair style tips

    ‘PAST’ – Hurdle to future? 12 December 2011

    Anvesha, a smart intelligent and Today’s Woman. She is a Engineer by profession, working in one of the best MNC’s, earning 5 figured salary, and her name is now recommended by higher officials to handle the project from client’s place....

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    Fashion tips, hair style tips, dead skin no more for you, Hair style tips

    ‘Dead Skin’? no more for you! 18 January 2012

    Beauty is all about adding more and more life to your natural looks. But the same is next to impossible if you are surviving with Dead skin on your face. You can neither just like that get rid of it....

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    Telugu movies, Latest movie trailers, love to straighten your hair, Hair style tips

    Love to ‘straighten your hair’? 14 October 2011

    I still remember, the straighten hair ka look that started wooing the woman. Surprisingly, till date, despite of many other hair styles coming up in the fashion industry, the straight hair is still preferred by most of the woman. The...

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    Beauty News, hair style, how to wake up with great looking hair, Hair style tips

    How to wake up with great looking hair? 25 June 2014

    Unless you are a fairytale character, you possibly have woken up with a terrible mess of mane that warrants major time and effort to be sorted before you spring to work or classes more than you can count.Fortunately, there are...

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