Facial Mud Masques

March 24, 2011 12:07
Facial Mud Masques

mackupmaskWhatever type your skin may be - oily, dry or a combination, sometimes normal cleansing does not suffice. Though beauty is only skin deep, that is where it has to begin. Cleansing, toning and moisturizing the face is the most important activity to keep the skin healthy and at times, a more potent and revitalizing technique cold help.

Facial mud masques are powerful extractors of oils. In a matter of 3-4 minutes, this concentrated mask pumps minerals into the skin for intensive hydration. They are mineral rich and they mineralize, purify and exfoliate the skin. In order to use these facial clay and mud masques, there is no need to set up an appointment with the salon. There are a number of excellent facial mud masque brands in the market such as Queen Helene�s and Freeman�s. There are innumerable other brands for you to choose from.

To get complete benefit from the product, you should follow a skin care schedule. Begin with a gentle cleansing with a face wash. Following the cleansing, apply the face masque over the entire face and neck and allow it to dry for about 10 to 15 minutes. Mosque usually dries up in 15 minutes. If there are any problem areas on the face, the masque can be left overnight on those spots. Rinse off the masque from the face with warm water. At the end of the home facial process, use an exfoliating face scrub followed by a facial moisturizer.

It may not generally possible to follow the steps elaborated above. Time constraints could derail the process. Using the masque at least once a week could bring good and noticeable results in your complexion. The following are the benefits that accrue with facial mud masques:

1. The mud masque absorbs excess oil
2. Supports in shrinking large pores
3. Makes the skin texture clear
4. Alleviates tension lines on the face and neck
5. Helps to dry up pimples
6. Reduces the manifestation of blemishes
7. Relaxes the exhausted and weary muscles
8. Exfoliates dry cells and impurities
9. Replenishes vitamins, minerals and moisture
10. Washes away blackheads

Whatever schedule you follow about your facial care routine, using a masque at least once in a week will rejuvenate you, making your face smooth and soft like silk. As the encouraging results are seen immediately, you may find yourself using the masque more often than once a week. You can enjoy the clean and clear results of a mud facial masque and relax while using it. In fact, it is like undergoing your own spa treatment in the cozy comfort of your home!

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