Re – invent your love!

September 22, 2011 15:40
Re – invent your love!

CoupleMost of our Woman would stop at one question, ‘why marriage becomes routine after couple of years?’

Simple, everything is so routine b’cos you we are used to it. So as with our marriage and partner. Shurumeintoh, everything seems to be so exciting and being loved by your partner will be considered as a heavenly feeling for you. But, as time pass by, both of you will be so busy in your daily routine that even love – making becomes routine. As a result, you lose charm in your life.

Kya ye sabkuchaapke life mein hone zaroorihai?You have no other go to life your routine life? every morning to get up with a  blank mind set and continue the day with the same thought, do all your work at office and home like you have been doing this for ages and go to bed with absolutely no enthusiasm?

No, I don’t feel we have done any sin to live our life in such a pain.Arre, pyaaraurshaadi hi tohkiyahai.So, let’s re - invent that lost charm, love and passion to live.

Stop thinking of ‘what to do?’ and start reading some tips below, that can help you in transforming your life to, ‘Wah Life ho tohaisi’…

It is so necessary to cook at home on week days too? Arreyaar, week day’s mein you and your partner would have an excellent opportunity to take some time out and meet up for a lunch or atleast for a Coffee. So, just find out from your partner if he is busy with his work. And if he says, ‘no dear, not much to do at Office today’, then surprise him at his Office by wearing his favorite dress, getting ready the way he wants to see you and ask him out for a Coffee. This way, your partner would be more than happy as he would have a chance to showcase the love you shower on him, in front of his colleagues too. As a result he starts pampering you. Ab, yehitohChaahiyehamein!

Gifts are not just limited to any special occasions. If you are in a mood to gift and have enough budgets to buy, then go shopping. Recollect that shirt,/trouser/watch/mobile/I – pod/note book/tie/shoes your partner saw and wanted to buy but could not do the same. Even if he says, ‘What is a need to spend money and get me this now?’, he will for sure remember the importance you have for him, in your heart. This is more than enough to re – invent the love.

I know you have your set of frustrations, but each time your partner desires to share his emotions and experiences with you, always lend a listening ear and suggest him as a friend. This way, the bonding between you and your partner will grow stronger each day.

Your in – laws, God! A big pain for you. But, they are your partner’s parents. No matter what, no human being can take anyone saying anything negative about his/her parents. So as your partner. So, instead of bitching about your in – laws with your partner, try staying calm. Even if they nag you, you remain un reacted. Your partner who watches all this will for sure take your side and ask his parents to mind their work. Because if they are his parents, even you are his life partner.

Always let that beautiful smile remain on your face, even if your heart indicates a tension. Every time, your partner loses confidence in any issue, just pat him and say, ‘I am confident that you would not let my confidence on you down’. It is this words of you, would not let your partner give up any situation and fight to keep up your confidence on him.

With these quick tips and some more thoughts inculcated by you, work for ‘the re – invention’ of Love!


Sunayana Vinay Kumar

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