For Perfect hands & nails!

September 28, 2011 12:51
For Perfect hands & nails!

WomenandNailsEach day, before as soon as we get up, the last thing before going to bed, you and me will be only getting worried how to make our face look better, if it is better how to look the best.

When you are applying that costliest cream on your face, just have a look at your arms and fingers. Are they as charming and delicate as that well known poet has described them while describing the beauty of the Woman? Or there is no balance between your face and hands? If you vote for the second questions, then time to act and get those stunning looking hands for you. After all, perfect look is a combo of perfect ‘you’;

Don’t forget to pamper your hands and fingers with moisturizer, before going out and also before going to bed.

Olive Oil is the best Medicine for your skin as well as your hands. Regular message of Olive Oil will smoothen your skin and leave that glowing look and ‘googly – woogly’ skin for you

Each time you manicure your hands, be gentle towards them. Don’t scrub them much and file them hard. Also take care while removing the dead skin over your fingers.

No doubt those big nails are ‘in’, but you maintaining them also depend upon your daily routine and work. if you are working in a domain that demands a lot of ‘typing’ on a Computer or you are a home maker who is expected to do all tasks at a time, then it is better for you to let your nails be of medium shape and not that long.

Despite of many nail arts and styles are popping up, till date, ‘French manicure’ is ‘in’. If possible, get that look to your nails as well. Then you can also flaunt you ‘nail’ beauty like that of Actress KajalAgarrwal.

Too much of Nail polish will let go off that inherent natural look of your nails. So, do not forget to frequently let your nails breathe.

Please stop biting your nails yaar. You are no more a kid. Grow up now. If you want to either cut or shape your nails, there should be a proper nail care kit with which you need to pamper your nails.

If you want to get rid of all that ‘tan’, then apply the raw juice of Tomato on a regular basis.

Just follow all these tips on a regular basis and then see, your hands and nails for sure complement your face.


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