65 Years of Indian Cinema, ‘Glory or Disaster’?

August 15, 2011 20:38
65 Years of Indian Cinema, ‘Glory or Disaster’?

IndiGirlWell, this is a very big statement. But, when I think about the growth of Indian Cinema, all these years, many multiple thoughts come into my mind. Though it has been more than 75 years, of the Origination of Indian Cinema, when we talk about the developments, each year, that Indian Cinema had, from the year, 1947 till 2011, I can’t certify it to be a complete Glory. Neither, it is a complete Disaster too. right from Black and white to color, right from family, message oriented films, to mass, action, realistic, crime, and love entertainers today, there has been a lot of variation and change in the entire concept of Cinema as such.

Both in B – Town and T – Town, and all other South Indian Languages, when we watch all those films released during late 40s, earlier 50s, 60s, every film used to have an emotion to express, a story to tell, an ethical value to posses, an different factor, that is not in comparison with any other film. But, moving further, the Concept of film making and films as such have been changed. More and more fantasy, the so called ‘Heroism’, negative characters, the element of crime that is showcased in the film, the chemistry between the Hero and the Heroine, which in many instances, cross the limits and makes us think weather it is a regular film, or a ‘A’ listed film, the perspective or characterization of Hero and Heroine, that showcases exceeding all the limits, in the name of ‘Love’ is okay, some films that show Hero and Heroine falling in love at the age of 15 to 16 years, Hero eloping the Heroine, factionist, terrorists ka stories, students ragging their lecturers, downsizing the entire institution of education, and what not. Every line, every thought and every element has become a base to form a story and make a film on it, ignorant about the thought that, what impact would these films have on the audience.

A brutal Murder, a factionist ka story, teen agers going against their parents, one night stands, divorce, a 35 year old guy falling for 20 year old girl, every factor has become a subject matter for a story, today. On top of this, there is not much of a difference shown in showcasing a Heroine and a Item Girl, unlike the films, that used to release some 2 decades ago.

Not that showcasing the ‘Negative’ side of Indian Cinema itself, but if we re - think the positive and negative developments, unfortunate that the Negative side has become more dominating.

On contrary, in terms of Technical Values, more modernization in the taking, screenplay and overall connectivity of a film, the development has been more positive. We can see more educated, intelligent and career oriented people are showcasing their talent of film making today. Indian Cinema is no less than that of Hollywood film making. Many worth watching films have come up and are going to be released too. The format of Intelligent Screenplay has arisen, that not only entertains the audience, but makes them think while watching the film.

Moving further, I can only say, both Glory and Disaster are growing parallel in terms of Cinema.

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