Well Managed Hair, an asset

September 21, 2011 13:41
Well Managed Hair, an asset

Well Managed Hair an assetModeling, films, T.V, Human Resource Officer, Admin Officer, Software Engineer, Air Hostess, Counselor, Public Relations officer or working in any Domain associated with Media… today, apart from Communication Skills, Smart Working ability, win – win attitude, the companies are also looking out for Woman with a Good looking and Presentable. Good looks differ from person to person, but, you can cover it up with your presentable personality. To be presentable, you need to carry your personality perfect, dress up to the occasion from tip to toe. Chalo, in ‘Your Look’ today, let me suggest you with some quick tips that can work positive on your ‘dress sense’ and give a ‘New, Presentable’ look to you;

Well Managed Hair, an asset

Yes it is. No matter how comfortable and perfect what you are wearing would suit you, if you are suffering from a bad hair, then every effort is gone. Never experiment with all those hair colors and cuts and styles that you have never even think of looking with before. Just keep it simple. Ad volume to your hair and let it speak. Remember your hair style should talk about what kind of a person you are. So decide.

Attire, better not turn a satire

All those Dark, bright and outstanding colors, ‘chamkeeli’ work on your dresses, silk sarees, miniskirts, are not at all an Office wear Material. More or less, if you are putting on an ethnic wear, let the material be cotton or semi cotton. Prefer light and pastel colors even if you are putting on a formal trouser and a Shirt. Your dress should complement your personality and not give any negative impression on the other’s mind who is watching you.

Make – up?

Well, as such for many of us, without putting on a make-up, it is impossible to get out of house. I do agree with putting on a minimal make – up, but be specific on being ‘minimal’. You can highlight your beautiful eyes that speak, lips that express, eye brows that remember of a rainbow and cheeks that are a turn on. But, your foundation and highlights should only be limited to enhancing your beauty and not making it ‘loud’. No smoky eye make - up, dark color nail color or lip color and cheek rose. Just keep it simple silly.


I know like any other woman you also have a fantasy for Jwellery, be it Junk or Gold. But, the lesser you put on your Jwellery, the more elegant you look. And this is an Office Baby, not a Party. Studs for ears, a very elegant chain, a bracelet or a niche single bangle and a branded watch, with a branded bag and footwear, would for sure make you look a complete person.

Choice of Watch?

Well, this being my favorite segment, choosing a watch for sure talks about your personality. Now, you judge. If you are a go getter, bold enough to face anyone and any situation, donning a ‘Do or Die’ attitude, then Big dials and black or brown or even white colors are made for you. If you are ethnic, simple, soft spoken person, just bothered about your work and a complete introvert, then all those cute little dials and sleek watches are exactly made for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to woe your Office, with your Charm!

SunayanaVinay Kumar

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