• mis use of weapons, Libyan war, us cautions tripoli about weapons stock piles, Libya

    US Cautions Tripoli about Weapons stock piles 26 August 2011

    In a fresh statement the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has urged the "new Libya" to be firm against "violent extremism" Mrs Clinton also said the new Libyan government must ensure that its weapons stockpiles do not fall into...

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    revolution, weapons at Tripoli, war atrocities by both sides at tripoli, Libya

    War atrocities by both sides at Tripoli 26 August 2011

    In continuance of the war at Tripoli, causalities have been on the raise. But there is a significance of grudge and abuse activities found evenly between both the groups. Amnesty International says it has powerful testimonies of abuses by both...

    Keywords: contradictive impulses, contradictive impulses, War atrocities, aggression

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    Libya  People’s Army taking control, Hmtv live, libya people s army taking control, Libya

    Libya – People’s Army taking control 03 September 2011

    This is going to be nation building with a difference. It begins from a very different starting point compared with Iraq and Afghanistan. It was the Libyan people themselves who rose up against the Gaddafi regime. Although the rebels may...

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    sudan, death valley, top 5 hottest places on earth, Libya

    Top 5 hottest places on Earth 25 March 2013

    Hottest Places on Earth Think the heat is already taking on your body in March, well ahead of the real summer that hits you hard in April and May? Take a look at these five places where temperatures recorded seems...

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    contradictive impulses, martyrdom or victory, tyranny condemned by revolution, Libya

    Tyranny Condemned by Revolution 25 August 2011

    The rebels have almost taken control of Tripoli, with resistances across by Pro-Gaddafi forces. The hunt for Col Gaddafi is still on and he is at large. Nato felt that the hunt must not be a prolonged affair. The National...

    Keywords: martyrdom or victory, Tripoli's Green Square, The rebels, The rebels

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    Journos in Libya, Libya news, italian scribes held hostage in tripoli, Libya

    Italian Scribes held hostage in Tripoli 25 August 2011

    The Libyan revolution had witnessed journos being kept under control by the pro-Gaddafi forces from the start.  This was seriously contemplated by the scribes across. In a fresh incident on Wednesday four Italian journalists were abducted while they were travelling...

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    Afriqiyah Airways news, malta hijack, libyan plane with 118 on board hijacked, Libya

    Libyan Plane with 118 on Board Hijacked 23 December 2016

    Afriqiyah Airways international flight in Libya has been forcefully asked to land in Malta with 118 on board. The aircraft is said to be hijacked by two hijackers who threatened to blow off the plane revealed the local media. The...

    Keywords: Afriqiyah Airways, malta hijack, Afriqiyah Airways hijacked, Afriqiyah Airways

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    Telugu People | Tip of the day Hmtv live, INEWs Live TV, battle holiday for eid libya, Libya

    Battle Holiday for Eid – Libya 31 August 2011

    £950m) in Libyan dinar bank notes held in the UK. The money would help address urgent humanitarian needs. But now the biggest challenges faced by the National Transitional Council (NTC) are whereabouts of Gaddafi and the next one is uniting...

    Keywords: President Robert Mugabe, Battle Holiday for Eid, Battle Holiday for Eid, Battle Holiday for Eid

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    The rebels, contradictive impulses, lack of adequate medical staff tripoli, Libya

    Lack of Adequate Medical Staff - Tripoli 24 August 2011

    The growing number of war causalities has hit hard on the Libyan Medical aide. There were still incidents of firing in Tripoli and more patients to be treated. A British doctor working in Libya says hospitals are struggling to cope...

    Keywords: tyranny, high-level talks in Qatar, Libyan Movement, Libyan war

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    revolution, The rebels, tripoli mostly in control, Libya

    Tripoli – mostly in control 26 August 2011

    The National Transitional Council (NTC) is almost in control of Tripoli but there are still scattered incidents of firing between the Pro-Gaddafi (PG) forces and the NTC. After six months of uprising the rebels seemed to have control of Tripoli....

    Keywords: Libyan war, revolution, Ntc movement to SIRTE, weapon sales at Tripoli

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    al-Rai television, rebels, libya calm yet tensed with insecurity, Libya

    Libya – Calm yet tensed with insecurity 02 September 2011

    The situation at Libya is right now very grim and unpredictable. Initially the people rejoiced the overthrow of the 42 year old dictator who in turn came to power by revolting against King Idris, then. Most of the Libyans feel...

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    Gaddafi, Libyan leader Gaddafi, gaddafi dead killed by rebel forces, Libya

    Gaddafi dead - killed by rebel forces 20 October 2011

    Libyan leader Moamar Gaddafi has died of wounds sustained when fighters captured his home town of Sirte. In a major development, the rebel fighters of the Libya’s National Transitional Council today captured the Libyan leader Col Meammar Gaddafi alive but...

    Keywords: Gaddafi dead, Libyan leader Gaddafi, Libyan Gaddafi, Libyan leader Gaddafi

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    telugu news, Relationship between Algeria and Libya, cost of the libyan conflict, Libya

    Cost of the Libyan conflict 30 August 2011

    The cost of the Libyan revolution needs to be introspected on the loss of number of lives on both the sides. Is this how we are going to achieve our objective is another million dollar question lingering in the minds...

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    Paris conference, addafi, friends of libya forum in paris, Libya

    Friends of Libya Forum in Paris 02 September 2011

    About 60 countries attended the "Friends of Libya" forum in Paris, at the Elysee Palace on Thursday afternoon, along with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. At the forum Libyan National Transitional Council (NTC) reported on the situation on the ground in...

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    Gaddafis era is over, Gaddafi killed, king lion holed up like a rat gaddafi eliminated, Libya

    King Lion holed up like a rat, Gaddafi eliminated 21 October 2011

    For the past three weeks, the world had been witnessing the Libyan revolution against its tyrant dictator. Inspite loosing holds across the country and almost becoming a fugitive in his own land Col Gaddafi's whereabouts were still unknown. Infact the...

    Keywords: Libya, NATO Jets, loyalist fighters, Dictator

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    Gaddafi, Muammar Gaddafi dead, era of king of kings comes to an end, Libya

    Era of king of kings comes to an end 20 October 2011

    Col Gaddafi, whose original name is Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi, was born on June 7, 1942 and seized power in Libya in a military coup in 1969 at the age of 27 overthrowing the monarch King Idris in his...

    Keywords: Gaddafi, death of Gaddafi, death of Gaddafi, Gaddafi

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    revolution, revolt, martyrdom or victory col gaddafi, Libya

    Martyrdom or Victory – Col Gaddafi 24 August 2011

    Amidst a chaotic situation in Tripoli both the sides, the rebels and the pro-Gaddafi forces, claim to have had the upper hand in the aggression. A pro-Gaddafi channel claims that the Leader has vowed that martyrdom or victory in the...

    Keywords: Medical help, Medical help, Water poisoned in Tripoli, revolution

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    Gaddafi’s Doubtful offer, rebels reject Gaddafis offer to negotiate, gaddafi offers talks rebels reject, Libya

    Gaddafi offers talks - Rebels Reject 29 August 2011

    As per reports, late Saturday night the ousted Libyan dictator, Muammar Gaddafi (MG) had offered to negotiate the transfer of powers to the rebels, but National Transitional Council (NTC) firmly rejected the offer and claimed that he must surrender first....

    Keywords: Gaddafi might be at Zimbabwe., Position in Libya, Gaddafi might be at Zimbabwe., Tripoli under NTC control

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    firing around Tripoli Airport, Decomposed bodies in hospitals, libya in a distorted shape, Libya

    Libya in a Distorted Shape 27 August 2011

    The National Transition Council (NTC) claims to have taken control of Tripoli and is surging ahead towards Sirte the home town of the ousted leader Gaddafi. The main suspicion of the NTC is that the dictator must be hiding out...

    Keywords: Libya slowly returns, firing around Tripoli Airport, UN chief calls for international help, Decomposed bodies in hospitals

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    Gaddafis son, Telugu headlines, gaddafi s son killed in an air strike, Libya

    Gaddafi’s son killed in an Air strike 05 September 2011

    The Libya’s rebels National Transitional Council (NTC) interim government confirmed that Col Gaddafi's son, Khamis, has been killed, in an air strike. NTC said he had died in fighting close to Tripoli and was buried near Bani Walid. They further...

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