Libya – Calm yet tensed with insecurity

September 02, 2011 10:31
Libya – Calm yet tensed with insecurity

Libya Calm yet tensed with insecurityThe situation at Libya is right now very grim and unpredictable. Initially the people rejoiced the overthrow of the 42 year old dictator who in turn came to power by revolting against King Idris, then. Most of the Libyans feel a sense of freedom from the dictator rule but are also very poignant about a political, social and economic progress, which needs a strong leadership, and such situation to prevail is yet to be a reality.

The basic outlook of Libya needs a lot of help, luck and wise leadership. Though the global concern has given the necessary help the other two are to be gained only through good administration. This is the missing link in the Chain of Libyan liberation.

Anti-Gaddafi forces have encircled Sirte and threatened to launch a full military assault if Gaddafi loyalists had not surrendered by Saturday, but officials say they will allow another week to negotiate a peaceful settlement.

In three different messages the three members of the Gaddafi clan have released statements of different tones, which make the situation look perplexed and think twice to confirm the end of the war.

Gaddafi vowed to fight a long, long drawn out war against what he called the occupation of Libya. He said, the people will not allow you to take the oil and rob Libya's wealth that God has endowed Libya with. He said that he had 2,000 tribes who stood ready to defend Libya. He issued an ultimatum to the rebels, prepare yourselves for a gang and guerrilla war, for urban warfare and popular resistance in every town to defeat the enemy everywhere. This audio message is carried by a loyalist Syria-based Al-Rai television, based in Damascus.

Earlier in a phone call to Al-Arabiya television late on Wednesday, Saadi Gaddafi, Gaddafi’s son and a former footballer who ran Libya's football federation, said he was ready to negotiate with the rebels to stop the bloodshed.

Shortly afterwards, another Gaddafi’s son, Saif al-Islam, once considered the moderate face of the Gaddafi regime and the heir apparent, urged his father's supporters to fight the rebels day and night. The Gaddafi clan is fighting a family war against the Libyan people, and they know it is a fight to the death.

Considering the importance of the three messages it is yet unclear whether the war is over or another set of issues are to arise. Because from a military perspective, in certain areas, including Sirte (Col Gaddafi's hometown) and Bani Walid to the south-west, Gaddafi still commands a vast amount of military equipment. But because of the ongoing Nato air strikes, Gaddafi and his inner circle have been forced to fight and defend their last stronghold using strategies and tactics not of their own choice, but are situational.

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