Libya in a Distorted Shape

August 27, 2011 10:52
Libya in a Distorted Shape

Libya in a Distorted ShapeThe National Transition Council (NTC) claims to have taken control of Tripoli and is surging ahead towards Sirte the home town of the ousted leader Gaddafi. The main suspicion of the NTC is that the dictator must be hiding out at his home town. UK jets bomb a bunker in Sirte as Libyan rebels prepare to launch an offensive on the town. There is stiff resistance at the place by Pro-Gaddafi (PG) supporters.

In a string of events across Tripoli a report is given below – at the Gaddafi’s compound under the seize of the NTC, an album of Condoleezza Rice, the former professor, campaign advisor, national security advisor and secretary of State for George W. Bush.

Ahmed Bani, the Libyan rebel military spokesman has called upon all Libyans to secure the country and protect its airbases and weapons depots. He also said that the general chief of staff for the National Liberation Army is calling upon all revolutionaries to join their barracks immediately and secure all their contents, including ammunition, equipment and weapons as well as airbases including their aircraft.

Still there had been reports of stray incidents of conflict mainly in and around the international airport, but the city centre is almost quiet.

Rebel commanders said they were consolidating their frontline at the oil port town of Ras Lanuf, after withdrawing from positions nearer Sirte to put themselves out of range of rockets fired by pro-Gaddafi forces.

The rebel commander in Tripoli, Abdel Hakim Belhaj, has announced that all the different rebel groups will be brought under one command following an interim period,

There are widespread shortages of fuel, food and medical supplies. Power and water shortage are also reported, across the town.

More than 200 decomposing bodies were found abandoned at a hospital in the Abu Salim district, following recent fighting there. PG guards are reported to have raped child detainees at Abu Salim prison.

UN chief Ban Ki-moon has called for the international community to work together to restore order in Libya and for fighting to end.

People are daring to come on roads and life seems to move slowly towards normality. Some police are returning to the streets and shops are starting to re-open. People are offering prayers at the mosques.

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