War atrocities by both sides at Tripoli

August 26, 2011 13:40
War atrocities by both sides at Tripoli

War atrocities by both sides at TripoliIn continuance of the war at Tripoli, causalities have been on the raise. But there is a significance of grudge and abuse activities found evenly between both the groups. Amnesty International says it has powerful testimonies of abuses by both sides in the coastal town of Zawiya, including allegations of violence by rebels against African migrant workers accused of being mercenaries

The Washington Director of Human Rights Watch, Tom Malinowski, says those responsible for any atrocities in Libya should face justice. "The people who are responsible for the worst abuses are going to be brought to justice, certainly Gaddafi, if he's captured alive."

The hospitals were facing an uphill task with ambulances coming in with loads of causalities very frequently. Tripoli Medical Centre is with only two surgeons. Some of the medicos haven't slept for three days while taking care of 350 patients every day.

In two different incidents the doctors have thoroughly found evidence of abuse activities on the bodies. In one of them the hospital in the Mitiga district of Tripoli had received the bodies of 17 rebel fighters. The group had been prisoners of Gaddafi troops in Tripoli. Doctors said the group had been prisoners of Gaddafi troops in Tripoli and were tortured and killed as the rebels seized the capital earlier this week.

In another incident the bodies of at least a dozen pro-Gaddafi fighters - two of whom had their hands tied behind their backs - were found on a roundabout in the centre of Tripoli. There were reports that one body had an intravenous drip in the arm, and that others were badly burned.

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