Top 5 hottest places on Earth

March 25, 2013 20:13
Top 5 hottest places on Earth

Hottest Places on Earth

Think the heat is already taking on your body in March, well ahead of the real summer that hits you hard in April and May? Take a look at these five places where temperatures recorded seems to be on your cooking scales.

Lut Desert (Iran): 70.7° C


Dasht-e Lut as the Persians love to call it, this desert is literally scorching hot. For 5 years in a row, it has been the hottest place on earth and there is no reason to believe it would cool down soon. With the gross lack of vegetation or any animal life in the 5, desert, you can just guess why.

Queensland (Australia) 68.9° C


The temperature here is so high, the averages are in the mid 40s on the Celsuis scale in Summer. The country side trains in Queensland have been canceled due to fear of train tracks buckling in the heat.

Al Aziziyah ( Libya) 57.8 ° C


Earlier in 1922, the place held the record for being the hottest place on earth. It is not very high now but well over 50°C usually to make you most uncomfortable.

Kebili (Tunisia): 55° C


This place is so hot, experts believe, solar panels can be used most efficiently in Kebili. This also happens to be the oldest towns in South Africa and Africa. Wonder how early people lived here!

Death Valley (US) Temperature: 56.7 ° C


47°C during summers in the usually cool North American places is quite too much to handle. Death Valley is the driest place on earth. It is lower than the sea altitude at 86 below sea level.

Now, our summers don't really hurt, huh? All you have to do is maintain proper diet and water intake while using some coolers

(AW- Anil)

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