1 food item... n number of uses

March 13, 2013 16:25
1 food item... n number of uses

You cannot afford to buy fruits and store it for more than a week. This is because any other fruit has a tendency to lose its freshness within 3 to 4 days. But Kharjur is not so. And if compared with other fruits, the vitamins and proteins Kharjur has is also not less;

Sulfur, iron, potassium, and magnesium, all these are needed for our body... if you manage to eat 2 Kharjurs a day, you can be sure of getting all these for affective functioning of your body.

Not just obesity or over weight, underweight is also a problem for many. If you want to gain weight in a healthy way, mix Kharjur with Keera and have it. This mix does not have any bad cholesterol and helps you to gain weight in a healthy way...

Kharjur has a lot of potassium and less amount of sodium. Because of this, if taken regularly, Kharjur will help our nerves system to function affectively. And Kharjur also has a power of inculcating more memory percentage in us.

If you are suffering from lack of sufficient blood percentage in your body, then soak a Kharjur in water, take that Kharjur every day, and drink the water soaked as well.

Kharjur is definitely a best way for healthy living...

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