Pranayama can cure Diabetes

December 13, 2014 17:56
Pranayama can cure Diabetes

Diabetes, the most sweet disease that kills any person too softly. These days, diabetes is the most common and the number is in rise, people fall to diabetes. Though there are medicines to cure it, diabetes people can't resist to taste sweet and eventually fall into more troubles. One of the solution to maintain balance with disease is to have a proper diet.

About 1400 years back scientists have discovered that diabetes can be cured by pranayama exercise, however due to less awareness, it did not reach out to maximum people. Our we own yoga guru Ramdev Baba took the initiative and has been promoting pranayama as a remedy for diabetes. But there are seven vital exercises which help in preventing diabetes. Not only this, the pranayama exercises help in controlling diabetes related disease which are in fact more dangerous.

So without wasting much time, have to look at the video.


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