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State formation day

State formation day

Celebrations in one state, worries in another state

But, whatever, the depth of their feelings are same


By Phani


Hands color while arresting criminal red handed

Revanth Reddy caught red handed

Police: I thought of arresting another criminal, but left him, as my hands are not red that time.

By Phani


'Jan Kalyan' is honor to Pawan Kalyan?

A: Why is Modi's rally name 'Jan Kalyan'?

B: 'Pawan Kalyan' supported Modi at the time of elections, so to honor him, Modi adopted the 1st part of the rally's name from his party 'Janasena' and 2nd part forms his original name.

By Phani


Use of EAMCET results when Engineering colleges are getting shut down

EAMCET results released, but, engineering colleges are getting shut down.

What to do with the results now?

By Phani


Lovers suffer if OU houses are completed

If the construction of houses in OU is completed, then it might be the lovers who suffer a lot in search of new places.

By Phani


Petrol prices hiked more than your love

Girl: Let's go for a long ride

Guy: I'm sorry

Girl:  My love for you is increasing these days, do you know that?

Guy: The petrol prices are much more increasing than your love, do you know that?

By Phani


RTC bond assurance influence on lovers

Girl: I can't love you now, but I can assure my love in future through a bond.

Boy: Bond for love! did you think that I am an RTC employee?

By Phani


Whatsapp influence on youth


What's up man?
Ans. Nothing


What's up man?
Ans. No balance, sorry (taking is as whatsapp)

by Phani


What all you do after getting job ?

Generally we plan to do some great things after getting a job.

But we realize later that what all we can do after getting job is 'Job' itself
by Phani


Difference between Happiness and sadness

Happiness is receiving salary credited message

Sadness is ATM card spoiled on the same day and bank strike for next 1 month

by Phani


Frustrated person with god

When god says life is a game, I wanted to question,

How come you took every one as participants, can't you even conduct auditions ?

By Phani


Fees for Life School

Saint : A person should be a student through out his life

Other : Ok, then you pay the school fees throughout that life.

By Phani