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Oppositions reaction on Union budget 2016

News: Union budget 2016- A convincing one  

Time for oppositions to buy a magnifying lens.

By Phani Ch


Suggest a way to Lord Hanuman to win the case

News: Summons to Lord Hanuman  

Who should god pray, to win the case now

By Phani Ch


Naidu lays foundation for AP New Secretariat

News: Naidu lays foundation for secretariat construction today.

To remember better, AP’s new secretariat foundation was laid on Telangana CM’s birthday.

By Phani Ch


Canadian man saved Gajini makers

News: Canadian man recollects his identity after 30 years

Gajini makers are safe. The film was already made, before Canadian man recollected.

By Phani Ch


Rahul Gandhi is a match box

News: Rahul Gandhi revisits HCU, after the issue was calmed down

Home makers can use Pappu, when they do not find match box in the kitchen.

By Phani Ch


Advantage of illegal money

News: Malladi Vishnu assets worth Rs. 600 crore

The advantage illegal money is, though officials surrender the money, there would be no much pain.
By Phani Ch


Famous saying applicable in Rohit Vemula issue

News: Rohit Vemula is not a dalit student

Fresh example for the saying, “do not pull the thread from both ends, beyond its strength.”

By Phani Ch


Rahul Gandhi latest troll, should teach him this

News: Rahul Gandhi trolled for his alleged comments ‘Steve Jobs in Microsoft’

Pappu should be careful about similar sounding words too, from now.

By Phani Ch


Who benefits from ink attacks

News: A girl’s ink attack on Arvind Kejriwal

Did the girl think that, Kejriwal cannot but a washing powder?

By Phani Ch


Reason to celebrate festival

What would be a bigger reason to celebrate festival, other than being a holiday

By Phani Ch


Airport gets last chance to hassle students

News: Students sent back from US, hassled at airport

How can the last chance to harass someone, would be foregone, so easily.

By Phani Ch


Aamir Khan proved that, the government is incredible

News: Aamir Khan out of ‘Incredible India’, Centre says contract ends.

More than India, the government is incredible, Isn’t it?

By Phani Ch