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What if Sai Kumar’s voice inspires the leaders?

News: Sai Kumar to host Amaravathi stone ceremony

Punch: Hope his base voice inspires the leaders to give more loud speeches

By Phani


Public will curse more for wrong timing of bandh

News: Telangana bandh, no effect on public

Punch: More than government, the normal public might curse the oppositions for wrong timing.

By Phani Ch


Jagan, why don’t you be Hanuman?

News: Jagan says Special status is Sanjeevani and seeks students support

Punch: Jagan sir, Sanjeevani mountain was lifted by Hanuman alone and bagged the credit. How about following him?

By Phani Ch


Tollywood blockbusters as Ganesh idols

Now this year Tollywood blockbusters will be spotted as Ganesh idols from tomorrow.

By Phani Ch


Weekend logic while working at office

Weekend is something, which ends, before you think it is actually started

By Phani Ch


Reddies might fight next for G.O

News: G.O released, Kapus happy,

Punch: Next participant ‘Reddy’

By Phanindra


Don’t expect holiday for Varalaxmi vratham

Employee: Sir, Varalaxmi vratham is important, I can’t miss it, please grant me leave.

MD: Don’t worry, we will perform that vratham in the office.

By Phanindra


Understand the sounding of ‘Good’

When my boss says that I’m good, I don’t understand, whether he meant just ‘Good’ or one of the factory goods (thing).   

By Phanindra


Punch on Indians patriotism

A few patriots suddenly wake up tomorrow and again sleep, day after tomorrow.  

By Phani


Joke on Srimanthudu movie tickets

Getting one Srimanthudu ticket now, is almost like finding, one right politician.

By Phani


Last day Pushkaraalu effect on employees

Employee: Sir, it is Maha Pushkaraalu, which comes once in 144 years. Today is the last day, please let me go

Boss: Already, half of the employees went on leave, so you go next time.
By Phani


Punch on Roja comments about TDP

News: Roja says Pushkaraalu is to divert cash for vote

Punch: If that is true, Pushkaraalu had a great timing.

By Phani