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Thieves reaction, if malls are opened 24 hours

News: Centre considers a proposal of opening malls, restaurants, etc, for 24 hours
Thief: I hate this government

By Phani Ch


Inner soul of freedom fighters, after watching current situations

News: After Subhash Chandrabose, now Patel and Nehru are in the news.
Inner soul of above freedom fighters: Death rescued us from all this mess

By Phani Ch


Kejriwal missed logic in Tatkal rates hike

Tatkal rates hiked, during holidays. There is logic right? I don’t understand why Kejriwal is still silent.

By Phani


Jr NTR gave RGV, a great idea

News: Jr NTR says, his account was hacked  
Now RGV might have got a new idea. Whenever his tweets create controversy, he can say that his account was hacked.     

By Phani Ch


Dictator audio functions proved this

Styling the politics, is what we call Balakrishna movies audio functions.
By Phani Ch


Kamal’s Vishwaroopam in Chennai rains

Jayalalitha banned Kamal’s Vishwaroopam movie. Now he is showing his actual Vishwaroopam, by targeting her government, regarding Chennai rains.
By Phani Ch


Aamir Khan is PK47 in India

News: Aamir Khan comments on Intolerance

PK is now PK47 in India

By Phani Ch


TRS is bigger hit than Baahubali

News: Congress releases booklet of TRS government 500 days
Punch: Reminding that, TRS completed 500 days in government, makes me feel that, it is bigger hit than Baahubali.

By Phani


Government turns yellow turdal as black turdal

News: Government sells Tur dal through special counters

Punch: Yellow Tur dal, will now turn as black Tur dal

By Phani Ch


Amaravati ceremony effect on Dussehra

Amaravati ceremony effect:

Dussehra celebrations delayed for a day

By Phani Ch


Present day's Dussehra definition

Dussehra: Celebrating good over evil

Present world: Celebrating evil over good

By Phani Ch


#20yearsofDDLJ relating with the present movies


Tell about a movie which stays for more than 20 days in theatre, these days.

By Phani Ch