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Traffic issues with Mahesh Babu in Hyderabad

Mahesh Babu in Brahmotsavam rides bike with three wheels

New fashion starts, more traffic issues in Hyderabad. (Headlines in newspapers soon).

By Phani Ch


Apple gives business trick to households

News: Old Apple iPhones give ton of gold

Small scale industry of recycling the iPhones, may start in every house now.

By Phani Ch


16 year old invents hearing aids at low cost

News: 16 year old invents hearing aids at low cost

Now people ask, watching old people in these hearing aids, “What is your age and why do you hear music in bluetooth now”?

By Phani Ch


Sardaar Gabbar Singh release on Ugadi

News: Sardaar Gabbar Singh release on Ugadi

I wanted to know how many celebrate Ugadi, without watching Sardaar Gabbar Singh

By Phani Ch


Sardaar Gabbar Singh trimmed scenes effect

News: Sardaar Gabbar Singh run time trimmed. Addition of trimmed scenes, after 1 week

Now, with no choice left, kids should fall back of dads for two times.

By Phani Ch


Amithab Bachchan is panama pathi?

Panama Papers: Amithab Bachchan is one of the names in the list

Now it should be seen, who will host, ‘Kaun Banega Panama Pathi’ show, as Amithab Bachchan is already declared as a participant.

By Phani Ch


Oh My God inspires Kolkata fly over collapse scene

News: Kolkata flyover collapse is ‘act of god’

Remember ‘Oh My God’ movie and now alert, all temples representatives of god.

By Phani Ch


Advantage of blockbuster song in Sarrainodu

Advantage of blockbuster song in Sarrainodu

Though the song is not good, people still call it a blockbuster song, while discussing.

By Phani Ch


Pawan’s son is a fan of Abhishek Bachchan!

Pawan Kalyan is a fan of Amithab Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan is a fan of Pawan. Now I’m eager to know whether Pawan’s son is fan of Abhishek or not.

By Phani Ch


Citizens can throw garbage, oppositions say

News: Cameras catch garbage throwing citizens in Hyderabad

Now the opposition parties might fight for the citizen’s liberty.

By Phani Ch


This is Sardaar's Sunday

News: Sardaar Gabbar Singh audio release on Sunday evening

No one would worry about Sunday, winding up this week

By Phani Ch


Amjad Khan’s reaction on Sardaar Gabbar Singh

News: Sardaar Gabbar Singh releasing in Bollywood too

Amjad Khan’s soul: Arey yaar, why are you concentrating on the name that brought fame to me, please leave it.

By Phani Ch