Are YOU a Human being or a SUPER WOMAN?

April 25, 2012 12:55
Are YOU a Human being or a SUPER WOMAN?

Are you considering yourself to be a Super Woman managing the household work, family, kids, and work place responsibilities? Despite of all these you are expected to be more responsible and multi-tasking both at home and even at work place? And every minute you are striving to satisfy these expectations of people around you? Okay, let your thoughts flow… along with them, read further as well;

Divide your household work accordingly. Say, if you take care of cooking, delegate groceries purchase to your partner or any other member of your family. So, as one way picking or dropping of kids to school, bill payments, and a check on day to day activities at home… this does not mean you are only devoted to work at office and cooking at home, you need to spend time with your family as well, if time permits, you can share the work allotted to other family members concentrate better on keeping the house clean and what not…

Try applying the same idea at work place even. May be because of lack of confidence on our work abilities and do not having a plan at all about what if you are not a part of this current company tomorrow or even the responsibilities at home to be required an timely answer, all these and even more put together make you accept and do whatever boss says, even the work delegated to you does not have anything to do with the work profile of yours. Don’t you think you are inviting even more problems and frustration because of your nature of not being able to voice out against the things and stuff? Time to sit and sort out what are you working how much are you working and why are you only working… there is no harm in saying ‘no’ if you strongly feel that you are humiliated by any means at work place and even at home. you are an individual first and you know your ability. Don’t under estimate yourself and give others the chance to rule you.

So, the next time you are asked to stay back and complete a task that is absolutely not yours and others enjoying the fruit you can simply say ‘no’. And for a second let us assume that you are removed out of the Job by voicing out in a worst scenario. Don’t you think it is better to end up being Job less rather than cursing your life in working in a Bad Job?

And if you feel you is the only and complete source to take care of your family financially, and then time to make other family members to know their responsibility as well. Be it your partner, neice, in – laws or whom so ever, everyone need to contribute for a smooth and decent flow of your family, because it is their family as well. When they feel they have a right to enjoy your earnings without a single thought and make you remember every minute that you need to work and earn for the family, it is your responsibility to make them understand even they have to work their bit and contribute both morally and financially for the flow of the family… do not even hesitate to follow all the possible options to make them understand this fact…

Just remember YOU have to be HAPPY first… only then YOU can make the PEOPLE around YOU HAPPY!

So, for more than anything else strive for YOUR individual HAPPINESS first..

(Sunayana Vinay Kumar)

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