Happiness during those nine months

February 16, 2013 12:33
Happiness during those nine months

Motherhood, definitely completes Woman hood... those nine months, people say to be mothers need to be pampered like a child. But most of Women tend to ignore these important aspects of motherhood… let’s learn them and follow them;

Many have an illusion until delivering a baby, to don a maternity bra is not necessary. But, right from the time of conceiving, breasts become tender. It’s like the entire body is preparing for motherhood every day. So, according to the need, it is better to don a maternity bra to take care of your breasts.

During these 9 months, more than regularly it is possible for the body temperature to increase. So, rather than opting for any other cloth textures, it is good to go for cottons and light colors to feel comfortable and good.

Leggings and chudidaars are a big no no at this time. Any tight fit kurtis are also to be kept aside. Let your body breath the air. Shalwars and kurtis that are of next size than your present weight can be happily chosen during the time of pregnancy.

It is a fact that the more happy and comfortable you are during these 9 months, the more happy your baby would be. So, get up to have happiness filled motherhood.

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