Habits every girl should have

April 13, 2015 11:30
Habits every girl should have

Most of us make it a point to eat healthy and exercise as often as possible. But there will be some aspects where we may neglect some things. Here we are some good things we suggest you to follow for better life.

Tips for women:

Wear heels often:

If you have habit of wearing heels regularly, then try to cut it off as they trouble your feet when you are aged. And experts say that wearing high heels affects posture, puts a lot of pressure on joints, and at times even lead to conditions like painful bunions, hammer toes, back pain and arthritis.

Reduce weight of your handbag:

Most women’s handbags weigh an average two to five kilos. Shocked? Carrying such heavy bags will put your health at risk. It may affect back, neck and shoulders. Even lugging around a heavy bag will make you slouch sooner or later.

Stop wearing ill fitting bras:

Over a whopping 65% of women are thought to wear the wrong sized bra. And wearing an ill-fitting bra can have repercussions like neck, back and breast pain, bad posture, skin irritation and even breathing problems. So, choose a right bra according to your size or else take expert advice to know your exact bra size.

Stop emotional eating:

It is said that men tend to eat emotionally when they're happy and women when they are upset. So take care our waist line, distract yourself with something other than food.

Remove your makeup:

Sometimes women forget to remove makeup before turning in at night. It may leads to many skin problems due to clogged pores. To avoid this risk, clean your face with facial cleanser or gently wash with luke warm water. Even wearing eye makeup overnight can cause eye irritation or even infection. Keep a bottle makeup remover and cotton swabs right next to your bed so that no matter how tired you are, you can just reach out and remove the makeup.

Have good sleep:

Do you get your eight hours of sleep every night? Or do you scrimp and then sleep all weekend? Sleep timings may leads to many diseases. Make sure to sleep seven or eight hours every day but do remember to maintain the same timings every day.

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