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    The Art of ‘letting go off’… 27 January 2012

    It is not so very easy to ‘let go off things’ when it comes to handling any real time situation.. because, life is not just all those that is in books or some gyaan sessions, but it involves lot more...

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    tips to sleep, Tips for Beauty Sleep, beauty sleep equals beautiful skin, Tips for beauty

    Beauty sleep equals beautiful skin 02 July 2013

    Want to look beautiful? Then you must first feel beautiful. Before you ask how, feeling good is a direct result of feeling refreshed and this can be possible only through good sleep. Getting a good night's sleep is extremely important...

    Keywords: beauty, Beautiful skin, feeling good, relaxation

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    better thinking., Body confident, reasons for not to pity yourself, Tips for beauty

    Reasons for not to pity yourself! 23 January 2012

    Basic mind set of you and me… whatever goes wrong with us, for what so ever reason we are upset, we ‘pity’ ourselves. Though till certain point of time it gives us self-satisfaction, after one point when behavior becomes a...

    Keywords: tips for beauty, self pity persisted, meltal policy, tips for relationships

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    synthetic skincare goodies, avocado mask, diy avocado mask for dry skin, Tips for beauty

    DIY avocado mask for dry skin 09 January 2014

    This winter, forgo all pricey facials to treat your flaking, cracking skin and rather turn to the goodness of Mother Nature to pull you out of the plight. Besides, most of the store-bought creams and face packs only boast of...

    Keywords: diy mask, Skin, natural ingredients, diy mask

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    , , power of reality, Tips for beauty

    Power of ‘Reality’! 16 February 2012

    ‘Real’ be it in life or various situations we face in our life as such, has many times been not so easy to accept. But the funda for a peaceful life is to accept whatever the reality is, be it...

    Keywords: tips for hairstyle, women lifestyle, , Peaceful life

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    Indian Woman, Ultra-modern look, the joy of being an indian, Tips for beauty

    The Joy of being an Indian! 09 March 2012

    The entire world looks upon Indian Woman. The way we present ourselves, dress, project ourselves and most important the culture that we let speak with our appearance, no matter even we are opting for some ultra-modern look. To enhance the...

    Keywords: young women, teenage girls, Indian Woman, tips for beauty of Indian Womanm

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    Ralaxation class, stress in office., work load take a break, Tips for beauty

    Work load? Take a break… 24 January 2012

    You get stressed out, irritated and loose interest in your daily routine when your life becomes too routine to enjoy… be it work or you are a home maker, you taking a break from your routine is necessary for your...

    Keywords: Break time in Office, tips for health, tips for beauty, tips for beauty

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    last minute beauty, skin care tips, last minute beauty no more a problem, Tips for beauty

    Last minute beauty? No more a problem… 14 February 2012

    It is not that we are not aware of that party to be attended with someone special today… it is only that we are so stuck up with our daily routine, we resist ourselves from thinking different. Well, no more...

    Keywords: Pineapple Face Mask, last minute beauty, Pineapple Face Mask, last minute beauty

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    screaming halt, screaming halt, why you need to take a break from beauty care, Tips for beauty

    Why you need to take a break from beauty care? 24 January 2012

    Well, co – incidence but theme of today could be ‘Break’. We have talked about reasons for taking a break from daily routine… then what about beauty routine? Are we supposed to take a break from our beauty routine as...

    Keywords: Skin care, Skin care, beauty routine., tips for beauty

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    tips for Fashion, tips for Health, forgot the basics in the process of adapting new, Tips for beauty

    Forgot the basics in the process of adapting ‘New’? 23 January 2012

    Not only in the scenario of changing a Profession or adapting anything new, our basic tendency of forgetting the basics in the process of learning ‘New’ is definitely applicable to our beauty as well… Let’s do this, apply this logic...

    Keywords: tips for Beauty, tips for Beauty, tips for Mackup, tips for Mackup

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    tips for relationships, good relationspis, respect the destiny maker of a relationship, Tips for beauty

    ‘Respect’, the Destiny maker of a relationship? 03 April 2012

    ‘There is a minute difference between confidence and over confidence’… this is an age old yet proven to be right statement… similarly, ‘no relationship would sustain without mutual respect’, is even a statement that we are experiencing these days in...

    Keywords: tips for beauty, tips, confidence, Personality Development

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    tips for relationships, tips for beauty, the process of finding why, Tips for beauty

    The process of finding ‘Why’? 13 March 2012

    Right from our child hood toil the last breath of our life, we tend to live for others, expect love and care from others. Day in and day out we just live every moment expecting others to shower their love...

    Keywords: tips for relationships, tips for relationships, tips for Love, tips for health

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    colorful dresses, girls in colorful dress, which color is up for you, Tips for beauty

    Which ‘Color’ is up for you? 23 January 2012

    Every aspect is being related to Psychology these days… and as a part of this; even Colors are declared to have some business with our mind set. Well, be it just the sake of reading it or you might get...

    Keywords: tips for relationships, tips for relationships, fashion tips for women, colorful dresses

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    tips for beauty, Fashion tips, special style of dressing, Tips for beauty

    Special style of dressing… 21 January 2012

    Do you know, you can even make your week ends special with your dressing? Well, I have known the same after a bit of research. Here is the information about how to make your week ends special with that special...

    Keywords: colorful dresses., T shirts and flat pumps, girls dress meterials, Jeans for girls

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    tips for Yoga, Skin care tips, look special in causal, Tips for beauty

    Look ‘Special’ in ‘Causal’.. 03 March 2012

    Appearing simple and yet showcasing that style statement of yours is a trend now… let us try to learn how to choose casual wear and yet look special; First and fore most, avoid wearing shiny color. Choose a material that...

    Keywords: tips for Yoga, Attractive Attitude, Fashion tips, Attractive Attitude

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    Tips for Beauty, Body frame, know your body to look best, Tips for beauty

    Know your body to look best! 16 March 2012

    To look best in whatever you wear, you need to wear only the best that suits you. For that you need to know your body type first; If you are bulky and tall, then you can carry all outfits well...

    Keywords: Skinny jeans, Good looking body, Skinny jeans, Good looking body

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    Lifestyle, tips for yoga, slight difference could make a major change, Tips for beauty

    Slight difference could make a major change! 23 March 2012

    For certain things, on doing or not doing them, as to how to execute them, how to make those work or not and about the entire plan or structure as such, we would be much sure about the same. And...

    Keywords: tips for body confident, tips for body confident, tips for beauty, Software professionals.

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    tips for mackup, mackup tips for beauty, try to know the root cause of pimples, Tips for beauty

    Try to know the root cause of ‘Pimples’… 30 January 2012

    The day I see a pimple on my face as soon as I get up, I immediately start with my battle against it… applying all those face packs, creams, covering the pimple up with a foundation, I do what not…...

    Keywords: beauty tips, beautiful face, beautiful face, beautiful face

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    exercise, right personality, tone your body right, Tips for beauty

    Tone your body, Right! 01 March 2012

    Right shape, right personality and right attitude, in short these can be catered as the perfect definitions for a perfect beauty… not only getting in shape, it also important for you to tone your body accordingly. Here are some tips...

    Keywords: Good Body shape, tips for beauty, Right shape, exercise

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    , tips for Beauty, get glowing and get going, Tips for beauty

    Get Glowing and get going… 31 January 2012

    And this means, for the next couple of minutes we would be talking about how to get that glowing skin for us? Here are some simple, yet affective tips… as your Beauty is complete not only with a flawless but...

    Keywords: , , tips for Beauty, Skin repairs

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