The Top Five Pledges To Make For A Healthy Heart

October 30, 2017 15:32
The Top Five Pledges To Make For A Healthy Heart

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The Top Five Pledges To Make For A Healthy Heart: A sedentary lifestyle affects our mind and body. There is a rise in the number of cases of heart diseases, lately. A lot of people are affected in our country, especially the average working citizen, due to the cardiovascular diseases.

The heart health still remains one of the causes of concerns, though there are many medical advancements and effective cure being worked upon. To benefit your heart health, you can incorporate simple changes in your lifestyle, to tackle this problem.

Listed here below are some of the five pledges that you can make to have a positive impact on your heart.

A) Healthy Nutrient Rich Diet

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Maintaining a healthy diet including nutrient rich food, is the one thing that you need to change about your routine. You must remember that the key to overall health is nothing but nutrition. Lower LDL cholesterol and reduce levels of heart damaging inflammation, with a healthy diet consisting of nutritious foods such as 1.5 servings. This is almost equal to 43 grams of almonds everyday, as per research.

You can try to include salmon or mackerel in your diet, as  it is a good source of Omega-3 and an other heart healthy food options.

B) Stop Smoking

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As we all know, in many ways, smoking is injurious to our body. The linings of the arteries are damaged, with aids in fat deposit and clogging. Your heart can be damaged due to smoking, which in turn can lead to heart diseases such as stroke, angina or a heart attack.

C) Physical Activity

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Keep your heart healthy by not just a healthy diet alone, you need to also indulge in physical activities, that help you to stay fit. It indeed can prove to a boon to your heart. For improvement in heart health, it is generally recommended to do 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise every week. To gain the same results, you can also do just 75 minutes of high-intensity workout.

D) Maintain A Healthy Waistline

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As abdominal fat is linked to increased blood sugar levels and high blood pressure, a healthy waistline is directly proportional to cardiovascular health. And for various heart diseases, this is a risk factor of course. Have nuts like almonds, instead of indulging in unhealthy snacks.

Your belly fat and waist circumference can be reduced, by eating almonds everyday, according to a study.

E) Keep Your ABC In Check

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ABC stands for A1C, Blood Sugar, and Cholesterol respectively. You need to monitor all these three factors for your heart health.

The A1C is a test to check for glycated hemoglobin. For a healthier heart, it is essential to keep ABC levels in check.  You should also monitor your blood sugar and cholesterol level and try to maintain the levels within prescribed limits.

Make these pledges for a healthier heart, lifestyle.


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