5 Hair Styles for Curly Hair

September 27, 2016 17:59
5 Hair Styles for Curly Hair

Sometimes girls with curly hair get bored with their wavy locks. Here we have some trendy looks for to carry hair either on a party or on a lunch date. These hairstyles are easy to do at their home without spending money in salons.

1. Side messy braids

Side messy braids

It’s all about precision and that perfectness in messiness that you require to make this easy and quick hairstyle. Apply mousse to detangle and create smoothness to hair. Let hair fall naturally, part it to the side of your choice either left or right and pull back to the nape of the neck and braid. Braid your hair and tie with elastic. Tug at the braid to loosen it. Add a headband or tiara. The final look is bound to look effortless chic!

2. Stylish messy bun

Stylish messy bun
Fed up of those curls? Fret not; you will love them after this easy-to-do bun! This is stylish, cool and simply amazing. The easiest way to do this is to grab your hair with the hand at the back. Twist your hair first and leave the bun as it is while securing it with bobby pins wherever necessary. Give a beautiful touch with designer hair pins or an artificial flower.

3. Princess curls

Princess curls

And now you can look no less than a princess with this aww-so amazing princess curls hairstyle. Take two small sections of hair and fasten them in the back with bobby pins. Flip hair forward on any one side and ensure that the other side is secured with bobby pins at the back. Let all the hair lay smooth. Let loosely lift tendrils of hair to roll down on either side. Wear headband or tiara to create the desired look

4. Space buns

Space buns

This is one of the most sorted hairstyles; a girl with curly hair can sport. Add serum / detangler to uncombed curly hair. Part the hair in the middle till the back. Clasp hair on either side into a high ponytail and twist them in a bun. Use a hair tie/elastic around a bun twice to hold. Repeat on the other side. Pull down stray tendrils around either side of the face. Use hair spray to keep curls separate and textures without weighing them down.

5. Spiral curl high ponytail

Spiral curl high ponytail
And here comes another quick and easy hairstyle! You will nail the look with this simple spiral curl high ponytail.  Wash hair at night with a light shampoo and use a stay-in conditioner. Dry hair by lightly running your fingers through the hair. Do not use a comb or hairbrush. Pull hair towards the crown of the head and secure with no damage elastic. Add a trendy head band along the hairline. And you have a trendy look.

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