September 29, 2011 12:40

GirlsInOfficeAs soon as you read the title, how many of you have felt, ‘Wow! It is more or less a thought in my mind, about the ‘sadaahua’ place I work”!

I have been talking to many Working Woman from past few days. Surprisingly almost all the Woman, working in entry, executive, middle management and higher management levels, are pissed off with their Office, because of ‘Office Politics’. Since ages, right from a Man started working with 100 others, these Office Politics have been prevailing. And like many others, we are living with this rather than working to solve it. as a result, these ‘Office Politics’ and unhealthy atmosphere at the work place has grown to that extent that, finding the root cause of it would take the entire life time of yours.

Then what to do? Either we should work at the place where we have to subtle or kill our peace? Quit the job and sit at home?

If you chose the second option, not many women have a privilege of being at home. In many families there is a necessity for a Woman to come out and work.

If you chose the first option, then it is even more difficult. You being impatient at work place will also affect your peace at home.

So, rather than cursing your situations try to come out of it. Here are some of quick tips to get rid of those ‘Office Politics’;

Every time you get to listen something ‘interesting’ about your colleague or a boss, you tend to put a lending ear on people who are passing on the information. But, did you ever think that someday, those set of people would also talk about you? It is not necessary that every rumor or a gossip that crops up in office is a truth. What if you become a topic for 100 others? So, if can’t ask them to shut their mouth, shut your ears. Never pay attention to anything that is absolute useless!

It is not your home where you can be care less of what do you speak, to whom you are speaking what, how much concerned you are about your work, what do you want to be in your future, letting out your aspirations or reason to work with your colleagues and so on. If you are so in need to let the management to know about your interest in proving your worth, find out the opportunities by working in them you can prove yourself, rather only speaking about them.

Don’t care. Absolutely do not bother about any sarcastic comments, passed by all those about you working to ‘show off’ your worth, those cheap talks and those useless meetings in coffee or lunch breaks. It is better to be reserved rather than being friends with every one and taking a head ace. 

While talking to anyone, observe what kind of a mentality they possess. Are they good to talk to or better to avoid? You decide, and then move on.

Despite of taking all these measures, even then you might face these ‘Politics’, then one best thing you can do is ‘ignore’. Once you are saturated with the work place, and feel ‘this is it’, then find another job, obviously a better one and move on. Because, Life is beautiful and has to go on!

SunayanaVinay Kumar

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