Career, Wonder or a Blunder?

October 19, 2011 11:58
Career, Wonder or a Blunder?

OfficeWomenDay in and day out, we talk about our career and competition. But, many times, some quick mistakes made by us can cost our professional life in return. Here are some of those mistakes, that we should be careful before even thinking of them;

Many times, our desire to hunt for that ‘spice’ in life, dominates our career as well. As soon as we get used to our work, job becomes routine, all your colleagues sound ‘boring’ to you, nothing new to learn and explore, we will tend to find new job, in the search of some more exciting atmosphere and job profile. If the duration of the job change from one organization to another, after sustaining more than two years or three in a company, when you experience all these thoughts in you and look for a change, then it is somewhat ‘okay’. But, within six months to a year, this will definitely add on a negative to your CV and your career as well.

You are not a kid and this is not a school, to bunk the class, without prior intimation. And moreover, when it comes to quitting the job, let this transition period be smooth and not in such a position that you can’t even think of being in talking terms with the employees or management in your company. So, be patient, serve the notice period completely and then leave. You never know, the employees or the management of your previous company might encounter with you in near future as well. So, control your senses, be alert.Despite you not being not being a career oriented woman, it is better to have a career plan or atleast a strategy as what you have to do with your professional life. it is not that the world has to know about it, knowing about yourself and mind set, it would be helpful for you to keep your career in a right track.

Just do not take any situation in your organization that would in turn be an obstacle to your growth. When you are supposed to let out certain things, speak about your work profile, talk about your good work, or expected to answer to certain questions, just speak. This way, there would be no chance for you to develop that frustration over the job and later leave the company for a silly reason, after going through a lot more big challenges.

No, doubt, money matters a lot and that too in a costly life style these days. But, is your reason for a job change is only because of you finding an opportunity to earn more perks and nothing more? Then, wait. Apart from perks, there are lot more such as job profile, recognition, satisfaction, flexibility in work and timings, and most important, peace. So, stay calm and think as many times as you can before changing the job.

Expert opinion, does work. But, only you know better about your capabilities and what you are supposed to do with your life. So, take an opinion, but you decide what you want to do with your career.

One last advice, think before choosing the career option.Once spending couple of years in the same domain, changing the field, is not advisable at all. Yes, you can always pursue your passion as well.

SunayanaVinay Kumar

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