I wish...My life could have been a fairytale

July 19, 2014 13:34
I wish...My life could have been a fairytale

Well, is there any fairytale kind of thing in the world of reality? Sometimes, my answer is in affirmation and sometimes in negation. But, most of the time, my answer is yes. Life can be a fairytale depending on our perception of the things coming our way. We face so many things in this harsh world. But is the world really so harsh? If yes, then I love the struggle of this harsh world and making my life worthwhile by fulfilling my dreams. I consider myself as a princess of this world. I always dreamt of a prince who will come to make my life a fairytale with his love and compassion. And I found my prince. It is not like that that he is a prince of a province or a palace, but a prince at heart. Simplicity, honesty, and beauty of trust make oneself prince at heart.

Life is all about exploring happiness in small things at every stage and that makes the life a fairytale. We think life is a fairytale if everything happens the way we want it to. But, then there is no enjoyment in life if everything will start happening according to our wishes. We can make our life beautiful even in this so called real world. Life is beautiful and that’s in itself makes it a fairytale. So, life in itself is a fairytale. There is not any formula for making it a fairytale as we think. So enjoy every moment, make it as beautiful as possible and that’s how you can make your own fairytale.

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