Secure these three types of health

June 02, 2015 15:25
Secure these three types of health

Health is wealth. Though the quote is old, it is always gold, that never gets affected by obsolescence. However great the technology gets updated, and whatever level, our life style upgrades, the quote always applies. 

So, it is to be remembered that, health is the first thing, where he have to invest into. Health need not mean physical health always, but mental and social too.

Physical health: Taking a proper diet and doing regular workouts is the best way to avoid hospitals.

Mental health: Be it due to the work pressure, family problems and many other issues, the humans get into deep depression and tensions. This affects the mental state of a person. To avoid it, maintain a perfect balance between work and life.

Social health: Interacting with the colleagues, maintaining a healthy relationship with the fellow human beings, would show a great impact on your personality. Because, it is to be remembered that, it is the happiness which has the ability to increase the life tenure. 

By Phani


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