Working After Delivery: Good Or Bad?

November 29, 2012 11:03
Working After Delivery: Good Or Bad?

After the delivery, a doctor advises the new mother to be on rest for at least two or more weeks. Depending on the delivery and the level of improvement in the body, a new mother is advised to go back to work. However, Yahoo's Chief Executive Marissa Mayer started working from the second day after delivery. The executive is working from home and will start visiting her office within a week or two. So, can working women start their work immediately after delivery? Lets check out the pros and cons of working after delivery.

Pros and cons of working immediately after delivery:

Maternity leaves are a must: After the delivery, the new mother needs to be with her newborn child. Breastfeeding and rest are two important things that a woman can't ignore immediately after delivery. A woman gets 2-3 months of maternity leave to make herself prepared and fit to start working again. However, working from home after a month is not a bad idea.

Six months break?: According to many gynaecologists, a woman ideally needs six months rest before resuming her work life. If it is a caesarian delivery, the stitches take time to heal. If the woman works and walks carelessly, the stitches can open and trust me, they are painful. However, depending on the work demands, health and support of family, many women can start working before six months.

Stress: Even though you can start working a week or two after delivery, stress levels can increase due to work pressure. This can be harmful on the body of a woman who is weak after the delivery. If you start working immediately after delivery (in a day or week), make sure you eat healthy and avoid taking heavy work load. If your job is physically demanding, you should avoid for at least a month.

Feeding baby: Working from home is a better option for new mothers as they need to care for their newborns. You can keep a nanny but the mother can be the best person on earth to look after her child. Many working women leave their newborns in the hand of nannies. It is not a good idea as your newborn needs to be breastfed. Formula can be difficult for the baby to digest. Moreover, if you do not feed, chances of suffering from breast cancer increases. So, sit at home and work so that you can look after your child also.

Consider working hours: If you are working from home immediately after delivery, see that the working hours are not much. During maternity leave, your working hours reduce to half or less. Your body needs to recuperate so for the next 4-6 weeks after delivery, avoid working for long hours.

These are few pros and cons of working immediately after delivery. Give time to your body so that you can be perfectly fit to resume your work after postpartum.


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