For a happy period...

December 06, 2012 18:48
For a happy period...

Are you facing problems like bloating, fatigue, cramps, headache, digestive problems and mood swings before and during your menstrual cycle? Well, then the best way to get rid of all these is through a proper food intake during this time;

Sounds boring and regular, but having as lot as beans you can during this time... this helps you re gain the lost energy and keep yourself normal at least...

Take as much as green vegetables you can... this would help you to gain calcium, magnesium and potassium, which relieve and prevent the spasms that lead to cramping pain... and more over, Dark green vegetables also contain high amounts of Vitamin K, that would prevent excess bleeding.

Fruits are high in manganese, but one of the richest manganese food sources is pineapple. Pineapple also contains high levels of bromelain, an enzyme thought to help relax muscles and prevent menstrual cramping.

Having a ginger tea during this time will help in relieving nausea and bloating, and also relieves muscle spasms and tension that can lead to anxiety and irritability.

And last but not the least... have as much as water you can... this would not only help in keeping your over all body right, but also helps your system stay stable.

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