Life during menopause...

June 20, 2012 12:03
Life during menopause...

‘You are no more that ‘cool’ Mom who would be a friend to your teenage kid... no more that calm and composed wife... no more that super mom who would manage 100 things at a time with same amount of patience... no wonder if you lose your temper and get hyper for no reason... and then you understand you are welcomed to the phase of menopause in your life, that happens during 40s of your age...'

Not only those 3 days in a month, even during the menopause stage that welcomes a lot more issues to our life is even more crucial for every woman... to handle this stage, it is necessary to know the mindset and the behavioral traits of us during this stage… you might have had a vague idea about menopause, let us know more about it now;

During middle age, women are faced with menopause and this can at times be rather frightening. There are a lot of technical articles about menopause and there are a lot of myths about menopause. It can be a challenge for women to learn how to deal with the annoying symptoms of menopause. There are some handy strategies that you can use to handle these annoying symptoms and make life in general much easier.

How to Handle Annoying Mood Swings Associated With Menopause

Give yourself permission to own your feelings and to have times that are rough. Sometimes in the middle of an annoying crying spell from menopause, we stop and think that we are losing our minds. We panic because we don't want to be sad and other times we feel self conscious because everything is so hilarious to us. Give yourself permission to have feelings and know that you are not insane.
A natural way to handle the mood swings of menopause is to develop some new coping skills. You can journal daily, take relaxing baths, go for short walks, socialize on the Internet and even use aromatherapy. Getting your mind off of menopause and coping with the different annoying mood swings will greatly help. Chamomille and lavender are great for reducing moods.

How to Handle Annoying Hot Flashes Associated With Menopause

In many women, annoying hot flashes set in. You know the moments where you would give anything to just completely strip naked and get your body cooled down. The problem with annoying hot flashes is that often they occur at bad places. I was standing in line at the grocery store and suddenly pouring with sweat and flush. Everyone around me gave me weird stares and I felt so self-conscious. I certainly wasn't going to announce that I was having a menopause hot flash. Many women can relate to this scenario when it comes to annoying hot flashes.

One of the most natural methods for handling annoying hot flashes during menopause is to increase your water consumption. Many times we do not get in the full eight glasses of water that we need daily. Water will help to keep the body temperature more steady and actually reduce the number of annoying hot flashes. The recommended dosage of vitamin E and a small amount of primrose oil is believed to also reduce annoying hot flashes.

Annoying Vaginal Dryness and Menopause

Another annoying symptom of menopause is vaginal dryness. As the estrogen in the body decreases, so does the amount of moisture in this area of the woman's body. A natural way to help with this problem is to increase the amount of vitamin C, beta carotene and selenium that is in the diet. You can get these from the foods that you eat or use a nutritional supplement to help out with the problem.

Just accept this to be like any other phase in your life and don’t let your peace affect because of just a phase...

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