Those three days' even are Woman's best friends now!

June 02, 2012 11:00
Those three days' even are Woman's best friends now!

With the kind of rapid growth and development in the awareness and the interest in us to lead a healthy and peaceful life every day, we have made even the Doc’s find out solutions for the most difficult problems… even injections for a painless normal delivery are prevailing in some markets these days… then why need to suffer those three days of period pain every month and why losing three days of happiness every month in this short and sweet life???

Before you move ahead to take an expert advice for this pain as well, here are some natural remedies that can help you to get rid of this natural pain, the rest would be your call, though;

Back when doctors were still patting us on the head and telling us our cramps were imaginary, women were sharing tips and tricks with each other about how to relieve the pain. Some of these were ridiculous, but a lot of them really worked and I'm going to share some of the best and most effective treatments.

Hot baths and heat pads are some of the oldest tricks in the book for relieving menstrual pain. They really work, too, but they give the most relief for relatively mild pain. Heat will help relieve more severe pain, but is unlikely to get rid of it entirely.

It is also important to stay warm in general when you have cramps or might get them. Cold contracts your muscles and makes pain worse, so put on extra layers of clothes or blankets and crank up the heat in your house a little as soon as your period begins.

The doctors who told women their cramps were "all in your head" were wrong, but they weren't completely wrong. Pain does have a mental component. Studies have shown that patients who expect to be in severe pain after surgery report stronger levels of pain post-op than patients who expect more manageable levels of pain. Now, I'm not a doctor, but I don't see any reason why this wouldn't be equally true for menstrual cramps.

Once you've experienced a bad period, it's pretty hard to keep a positive attitude about them. I know I never could. One thing I could do, however, was distract myself once the pain had already started. Like Ibuprofen, this technique works best if you start when the pain is mild, but in my experience, it works better than Ibuprofen at reducing pain once it's already strong.

Human interaction usually worked best for me - a lively conversation or a board or card game with a lot of action, for example. Books and movies were usually too easy to put aside if the pain worsened.

A little bit of stress drives us to achieve great things, but too much is implicated in dozens of ailments - from the annoying to the life-threatening - and menstrual cramps are no exception. If you are prone to cramps, it is a very good idea to learn healthy ways of reducing and coping with stress. Exercise, about which more in a minute, is one of the best, and many women find yoga or pilates helpful. There are even yoga exercises especially designed for women suffering from cramps.

I've never found relaxation exercises like yoga, deep breathing, or meditation to be at all helpful while I'm actually having cramps. However, some of the worst periods of my life have occurred during periods of great stress, so I highly recommend reducing stress in general.

Some women swear by orgasms, others suspect that it's just an old men’s' tale to get us to have sex with them more. I can see how orgasms might help - distraction and post-sex relaxation - but never got any benefit from them myself.

If you do give this technique a shot, remember that even though it's unlikely, it is possible to get pregnant during your period, so use protection!

When I was in my mid-teens, my mother suggested I start keeping a journal of what I ate every day to see if there were any patterns to how my eating habits affected my cramps. I never really did that, but I did start paying more attention, and the results were interesting. I discovered that eating chocolate when I had my period was almost a guaranteed way to end up moaning and writhing on the bathroom floor, and eating a lot of dairy products also seemed to make my cramps worse, while eaing soy seemed to make them easier.

I have come to believe that, after exercise, diet is the single most important factor affecting the severity of menstrual cramps, but frustratingly, different things seem to work for different women. I recommend you experiment to see what works best for you. Meanwhile, here are a few common suggestions:

Eat a healthy diet, high in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, throughout the month.

Drink 6-8 glasses of water every day, all month. Drinking plenty of water can reduce bloating, which can make cramping worse, and help maintain hormone balance.

Avoid food and beverages high in sodium and refined sugars. These increase bloating, which worsens cramps.

Eat plenty of fiber. Fiber, which is plentiful in whole grains and many fruits and vegetables, reduces constipation, which can worsen cramps.

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