Hair styles that suit this season and ‘YOU’!

April 10, 2012 10:27
Hair styles that suit this season and ‘YOU’!

Summer apart from being a hindrance to our skin, tone and the sultry weather could create damage to even our hair if not treated on time, summer as such is a disaster for our hair style… all those layered haircuts and leaving our hair loose is a big no – no, this summer… and a high pony, though in fashion, would look boring all the time as well. Here are some more options that you can look into for trendy hair styles, this summer;

The popularity of braids evolved into the side braid hairstyle trend in 2010 and, though having peaked in popularity, we didn’t expect the hairstyle to be seen much beyond the first few months of 2011. And it wasn’t. Almost. Despite having had its day, the side braid remained a popular hairstyle for editorials and catwalks in 2011, even making an appearance on the odd spring 2012 catwalk. Is it amongst 2012′s hairstyles, however? Not really.

There are two distinct braided hairstyle looks: the long side braid, and the fish plait as seen on the Missoni Spring catwalk, during recent fashion shows.

Long waved hair inspired by the 1940s

Having appeared on our radar in 2009, 1940s hair styles will continue as an inspiration for women’s hairstyles in 2012. As it was last year this hair trend is again inspired by the late 40s and, to a lesser degree, the early 1950s.

•    Waves should be firm but not curly
•    Suitable for all hair colors, though less effective on black hair
•    Wear it with an off-center or side part, not a center part
•    Length wise, it must fall below the shoulders
•    Pair with classic make-up and styling
•    Inspired by film noir, confidence and sexual innuendo go hand in hand with 1940s wavy hair
•    Suitable for all seasons, irrespective of the fashion trends…

Long hair inspired by the 1970s

You can try out even this hair style;

Straight long hair, naturally styled

•    Slickly styled, but not so slick that it feels overly styled or straightened
•    Should be voluminous
•    Predominantly styled on the Spring 2010 catwalks with a side part, but will work equally as well with a center part
•    Definitely a style that works for super-long hair, i.e. hair that falls to the midriff
•    Suitable both for the Autumn (Fall) / Winter 2010 and Spring / Summer 2010 seasons

The top knot

It is recently stated that top knots and even ponies are ‘in’ this season;
•    Sleek top knots best sit dead center of the head, but can also work slightly off to the side
•    These types of topknots work best on straight hair
•    Hair should be neatly brushed upward and slicked into place; then the top knot twisted around neatly and fastened
•    The sleek top knot works well in an elegant ballerina-esque way – so in 2012 don’t be afraid to add a ribbon or some embellished clips to accentuate the femininity of the style
•    You can also try plaiting the hair first, then twisting it into a top knot, for another variation on the look..

Too many options… try them all if you can!

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